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1 Few of her former comrades enjoy this comfort; but, as another resident explained, the authorities like them to live there "to do propaganda and education work".
2 Daud was a former deputy interior minister for narcotics. He also served as the bodyguard to Ahmad Shah Massoud, who commanded the Northern Alliance.
3 Mr. Aquino said Monday the list includes Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim, former national police chief Jesus Versoza and Interior Undersecretary Rico Puno.
4 later invested in the free-to-air Hong Kong broadcaster Asia Television (ATV), but that deal led to a drawn out legal dispute with the channel's former majority shareholder Payson cha Mou-sing.
5 There are many problems in the former urban developing planning outline, in which, it was suggested that Zhaotong City should become a coal industrial center.
6 For centuries, trade bustled between their former capital, Fez, and cities on the western side of present-day Algeria, such as Oran.
7 My stepfather was a former priest, one of the early black men ordained to the priesthood in the United States.
8 Since then, the city has sold large plots of the former air base to other developers, while earmarking yet other parcels for future sale to help pay for the new business district.
9 He said the commission had received evidence from a former police superintendent that it was now the norm to arrest offenders for everything possible.
10 can best fit yourself for your new responsibility by studying all these papers left by the former chairman.
11 Today, some of those victims, their stumps hanging uselessly and conspicuously by their sides, wander along on the opposite side of the street from their former tormentors.
12 Most notable of these is the National Democratic Force (NDF), led by former NLD members who saw these elections as a valuable opportunity, disagreed with the boycott and bolted.
13 former finance minister said he could administer the subsidised bread programme only if he had one security guard for each sack of flour.
14 The former task requires remembering only the last rectangle drawn (and the color), while the latter requires remembering them all.
15 Politicians are responsible. Gordon Brown, the chancellor of the exchequer, and David Blunkett, the former home secretary, have recently eulogized the nation in speeches.
16 The received wisdom was that the former chancellor was the sole Tory heavyweight capable of landing blows on the government.
17 Remember, you never know when you might work with your former team members again, so don't brag or complain on your way out.
18 At Hilders, the R3 becomes the Iron Curtain Trail, and we veered north and followed it along the former border.
19 The calf was born at the zoo to mother Thong Dee, a former Bangkok street elephant.
20 within days the studio's Chairman Dick Cook was heavy in discussions with JPMorgan's Alan Levine, a former top Sony studio executive, and Spielberg's production partner, Stacy Snider.
21 Preferably the former is pivoted between open and closed positions and has a slightly V-shaped base which when abutted against a mould or formwork, urges the recess former into the closed position.
22 John chanced upon a former colleague of his at the airport.
23 The little rogue thought I had not seen her, and, drawing back, she took her former station by the window, quite demurely.
24 The former premier was quick to speak out from his self-imposed exile in Dubai, congratulating his sister on her victory and hailing the results as a vote for "change in a peaceful manner".
25 President Obama challenged us to be bold and dream big, and that's exactly what we're doing at NASA," said space-agency administrator and former astronaut Charles Bolden.
26 He caught a glimpse of his former lover in the theatre last night.
27 The former slave known for leading more than 300 people-including her elderly parents-to freedom as a conductor on the Underground Railroad was also a Union spy.
28 Mattresses cover the walls of another cell, now empty, to protect a former inmate with dementia who repeatedly banged his head against them.
29 also barred Garry Kasparov, the former world chess champion, from running for the Duma.
30 He was also at the forefront of efforts to unite the two Koreas, which helped to secure the Nobel Peace Prize for Kim Dae-jung, a former President.