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1 depositors had formed outside BEA's head office to withdraw their money as rumors swirled of the bank's potential exposure to other failed financial firms.
2 They had soon formed a firm friendship.
3 formed Tengchong Jinghong NNW zone and Dali Chuxiong NWW zone have an important role in the block division.
4 Chuxiong basin is a typical reformed basin, which formed during Mesozoic-Cenozoic periods in south of China and has good petroleum geological condition.
5 The river frets at its banks until a new channel is formed.
6 Fronting water and with a hill at the back, this garden had a dense growth of evergreen trees and formed a "retreat away from the world".
7 He compounded water, sand and soil and formed bricks.
8 To test whether any antihydrogen was actually formed and captured in their trap, the ALPHA team turned off its trapping magnet.
9 While deep space is littered with black holes formed by the collapse of giant stars, a miniature form could also exist.
10 Both satellite galaxies resemble the ones that smashed together long ago to create giant galaxies like our own, so the discovery helps illuminate how such galactic building blocks formed and evolved.
11 This immense chasm has been formed by an underground stream which has tunnelled a course through a flaw in the rocks.
12 Defrosting ice formed over the sea shatters and crackles like a sheet of breaking glass.
13 Based on the mutualistic symbiosis relationship of rice and duck, jointed with no-tillage technique, the new no-tillage system of raising duck in paddyfield was formed.
14 The Tagish meteor formed the same way all the asteroids and meteors in the solar system formed: accreting out of the primordial swirl of gas and dust that also gave rise to the sun and planets.
15 A thin layer of ice formed over the lake.
16 Forty rooms file off it, some of them so damp that they are filled today with stalagmites and stalactites formed by calcium dripping from the sodden concrete.
17 A piece of biscuit and a small quantity of rum formed his supper, and he snatched a few hours' sleep, lying over the mouth of the cave.
18 Skin surface formed as thin as yarn wetting the sebum membrane to produce excellent moisturizing effect keep skin young moist.
19 A skin has formed on the milk.
20 Aboriginal clans who traditionally built themselves bark shelters, generally painted on the large slab of stringy bark that formed the roof.
21 Slowly, a vast "cosmic web" of filaments and clumps of dark matter formed, and within them, the galaxies.
22 Citizens who had formed a military group were the first real modern explorers of the valley.
23 This document, the Provisions of Westminster, formed the basis of English common law for the next several centuries.
24 Females plant a single egg in a dung ball where it matures from larva to fully formed beetle, feeding off the waste.
25 I was utterly intimidated by the practical electronics that formed part of my final undergraduate physics course at London University, and I enquired as to possible alternatives.
26 The dust is likely formed as the swollen atmosphere of the supergiant sheds material into space, a final phase in the evolution of a massive star.
27 Nevertheless, it was the coming of sound that formed his mature manner.
28 The last time such a large ice island formed was in 1962 when the Canadian Ward Hunt Ice Shelf calved an island.
29 Nanotechnologists could link DNA “tiles” into a sheet, or fold a long strand of DNA back on itself again and again until it formed a flat surface.
30 This means that we have to see and understand they ways our machinery reacted to past traumas and the programming that formed at that time, which is still with us.