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No. sentence
1 Some NIEM practitioners create more formal CMTs that have separate columns indicating the kind of extension, the base types and elements, and the level of semantic alignment.
2 Te: one way of thinking of patterns is as bits of advice from experienced practitioners, except that they happen to be documented in a formal publication.
3 You arrived at your conclusion using the methods of formal logic.
4 They lodged a formal protest against their government.
5 That said, here's my list of the most important names in C + +, ordered by when they published something related to C + + in a form more formal than a newsgroup Posting.
6 This not only provides you with another form of visualization, it also USES a formal, technical model underneath.
7 One of them asked to do a formal shoot with me, and I agreed.
8 One such image in the exhibition shows the formal perfection of the black branches of the trees, with a lone figure silhouetted against the white.
9 We hurried an oral agreement before signing a formal contract.
10 For the study, musicians had to be playing since at least age 16, and have a minimum of six years formal training.
11 The World Bank's goal is to put a formal structure around these relationships so that countries can harness them directly to their development goals.
12 of the big kilt evolved into the separate plaid (or sash) which is now worn at more formal events.
13 So it seems that light swearing can be useful, even in a relatively formal situation like a lecture.
14 Until then I avoided saying anything to her that required me to choose either the formal or the familiar form of address.
15 The Japanese women salute the people with formal bows in welcome.
16 Posing for a formal photograph, these women all carried fans, as ubiquitous then as purses are for women today.
17 Dick Morris suggested that before I made a formal announcement I should go on television to acknowledge the mistakes that led to my defeat and ask for another chance.
18 age 17, I started my formal education, writing letters and Numbers with sticks in the dirt.
19 By utilizing OWL classification, it can provide additional vocabulary along with formal semantics to describe the XML schema assets.
20 In her view, medical students should learn to trivialise death enough to cope but humanise it enough to help, and their formal education caters disproportionately to the former.
21 You'll enjoy it: I've had threats and blackmail, abuse, smears and formal complaints with forged documentation.
22 you ever acted polite and formal with a woman on the first date? You may have faked a few smiles and laughed at all her jokes, trying to make her like you.
23 The WS-BusinessActivity standard describes a formal protocol for such compensations.
24 I bought them in charity shops or asked for them as birthday presents; together, books and CARDS gave me an understanding of words and Numbers in the absence of any formal education.
25 Trevor Phillips, the chairman of the EHRC , will announce a formal investigation within the next few days.
26 Members of the group were born deaf and never learned Spanish or a formal sign language, but they have developed a gesture system to communicate with people around them.
27 A computer can compute arguments very easily by simple algorithms but it can't do is translate an argument in English to a formal language.
28 enlightenment may have put an end to the sort of formal theocracy in which popes commanded armies and kings ruled by divine right.
29 Because the meaning of a formal topic should never vary based on its use, these fields should be part of the topic.
30 As a formal way of communication, project handbook abounds with a large amount of project information.