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foreign descent in a sentence

1. The British Virgin Islands is heavily dependent on migrant workers, and over 50% of all workers on the islands are of a foreign descent.

2. Of these, 29.5% or some 63,873 people are of foreign descent.

3. Of these, 23.3% (47,964 people) are of foreign descent.

4. In total 44,7% of all Mannheim inhabitants are from foreign descent.

5. In the southeast coast (e.g., Guangdong, Fujian) and in major trade centers elsewhere in China some are of mixed local and foreign descent.

6. Although the SBKRI was legally required for all citizens of foreign descent, in practice it was generally applied to the Chinese.

7. She said that she was glad not to be playing a character of foreign descent, as she feels she has been typecast in the past.

8. In 2006 statistics show that in Rotterdam, the second largest city in the country, close to 50% of the inhabitants were of foreign descent.

9. The replacements, whether they are Jews, Italians, or other foreign descent, are more Irish now than the Irish!"

10. After the destruction of the Holocaust, Germany's Jews, mostly refugees of foreign descent, largely favoured Orthodoxy.

11. According to his statement, his reason for targeting minorities was that youths of foreign descent used to bully him at school;

12. Today, a large part of the population is either foreign, or of foreign descent.

13. On occasion, he replaced existing native words or expressions with neologisms of foreign descent.

14. It is common for these middlemen to be of foreign descent themselves, particularly from East or South East Asia.

15. Born to a Frisian mother and a Palestinian father, Idilbi was one of Hollands first actors from foreign descent.

16. She is the only Coliman and fourth winner of foreign descent (her grandfather is Chinese) to win this Title.

17. As Lyon was a city known for its trade and seasonal fairs, many of the early patients were weary travelers of foreign descent.

18. A 2008 report by the Brå found evidence of discrimination towards individuals of foreign descent in the Swedish judicial system.

19. This honorific loan word came to be used to address all women of foreign descent.

20. Most of Brundin's characters in films have been of foreign descent—German, Dutch, Russian—but seldom Swedish.

21. She was the first Tamaulipeca and winner of foreign descent (her mother is an American) to win this title.

22. She is the first and only Yucateca and the third winner of foreign descent (she is Afro-Mexican) to win this Title.

23. Although the SBKRI was legally required for all citizens of foreign descent, in practice it was generally applied to the Chinese.

24. Roughly 7.1% of the local population is of foreign descent (as of 31 December 2011).

25. However players of foreign descent who can prove their Filipino heritage are eligible to play.

26. Xinhua News Agency reported the alleged raping by eight men of foreign descent had increased populist support in Finland.

27. So this list doesn't include players born in the country but of foreign descent.

28. Qerellos was the last Archbishop of Ethiopia of foreign descent.

29. He is of foreign descent, with a host-like appearance sporting brown hair and sunglasses.

30. There have been instances in which citizenship is denied to people of foreign descent who have lived in Congo for most of their lives.