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No. sentence
1 violent volcanic forces upheaved the land of the whole area.
2 Security forces were ordered out to control the situation in the city.
3 Lapan says the planning is focused mainly on naval and air forces, and that so far no orders have been received to launch any type of military mission in or around Libya.
4 Zeihan says the new US president would risk provoking conflict with Pakistan if he sends US forces across the border from Afghanistan to pursue the Taliban and Al Qaeda.
5 I illustrate this through various artistic processes that act as both reflective and connective forces between people and the environment they inhabit.
6 mood was jubilant last week as the Burundi government signed a ceasefire deal with its last remaining rebel group, the National Liberation Forces (FNL).
7 In rich countries four main forces are driving the revival of industrial policy.
8 Science and technology are part of the productive forces.
9 armed forces have haughtily declared they will no longer take cash from the United States (on whom they have long depended for handouts).
10 To explore that idea further, Dr Bourrat joined forces with Quentin Atkinson of the University of Auckland.
11 This not only prevents lock-in and engenders trust, but also forces your team to innovate and compete on technical merit.
12 Among these forces is the neglect of vertical forces, which is not too serious because they are quite small compared with the earth's gravitational attraction.
13 The wartime cabinet first recruited men into the forces from non-essential industries.
14 Reports from Syria suggest the armed forces have surrounded an eastern town after defections from the army.
15 Ouattara still needs to rein in many of the warlords and rebel fighters who, helped by French forces operating under the aegis of the UN, hunted down and arrested Mr Gbagbo in April.
16 Because it connects directly with the chaotic and aggressive forces in their minds.
17 Many people fail in life not because of external forces that are beyond their control, but because of the decisions and views they hold about themselves and the world around them.
18 Many Americans think their families and their neighborhoods are being denuded by the impersonal forces of globalization, finance and technology.
19 CDPF shall undertake tasks entrusted by the government, conduct work for disabled persons and mobilize social forces in developing undertakings for disabled persons.
20 That, in turn, raises questions about what the void might be. Stripped of all matter, forces and fields, would space and time exist?
21 The towers can detect hostile troop and equipment movement at considerable distances to assist armed forces in detecting and responding to threats.
22 First, it forces you to hunch over, an inefficient running form that can lead to neck, shoulder, and back pain.
23 Some complain that not being able to control a bank forces them to demand a higher return, which will raise the cost of recapitalising the industry.
24 It represents a healthy reaction of the body politic; these destructive forces having been brought in, temporarily, to rid it of accumulated thought-rubbish.
25 via satellite from Baghdad to reporters at the Pentagon, General Odierno said Iraqi security forces have taken control of all major metropolitan areas in the country.
26 Even if the strikes stopped in the course of a cease-fire, rebels would likely take advantage of Qaddafi's weakness to try to push the remnants of his assault forces westward, reigniting the fighting.
27 Soviet ground forces were quickly enveloped, cut off and destroyed in vast Numbers.
28 Some of these go somewhat against the wisdom of the aforementioned article, but you need to consider the context and forces.
29 In rural Russia, eggs can help you make friends with supernatural forces.
30 This leads the researchers to suspect that a whitedwarf star strayed too close to the intermediate-mass black hole andwas ripped apart by tidal forces.