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No. sentence
1 He surfed her car to force her stop the car when she drove off.
2 This can become a driving force for social advance.
3 I have tried to practice this openness closer to home as well, by spending more time with Joe Biden's German shepherd puppy, despite our considerable difference in temperament and bite force.
4 Circumstances will force us finally to adopt this policy.
5 force on a solar sail is gentle, if not feeble, but unlike a rocket, which fires for a few minutes at most, it is constant.
6 beginning, there was only chaos, the primodial abyss.Then came Gaia, the Earth Goddess, and Eros, the force of love.
7 The clustering force makes each of us more productive, which in turns makes the places we inhabit much more productive, generating great increases in output and wealth.
8 Public opinion can force the government into action.
9 These task force nominees were reviewed for potential conflicts of interest, approved by the APA Board of Trustees, and announced in 2007.
10 We oppose interference by any outside force.
11 They cannibalized three aircraft carriers and a number of warships to form a task force.
12 The most critical value of this split between horizontal and vertical governance is that it creates a barrier to force the governance participants away from traditional "stove pipe" thinking.
13 nutshell, we will be creating a standard frame window application, and force it to use a custom view class.
14 For example, he mentions a scientific paper that suggests that lichens, bacteria and the like may have been a driving force behind prehistoric geology and the formation of continents.
15 By 2004, China was softening its approach but a senior official quoted in a major newspaper said Taiwanese will 'pay a high costs if they think we will not use force' if it declares independence.
16 Japanese public broadcaster NHK reported on Sunday that Japan's Air Self-Defense Force had started to deploy units capable of shooting down a rocket to the northern prefectures of Akita and Iwate.
17 Without hesitation, I say to you - that continues to be our central driving force.
18 Over the past years, as the courts strove to overcome the Mogadishu warlords, they developed militias, some of which have been pooled into a centrally commanded force.
19 Don't force your opinion upon others.
20 felt myself sucked out by a superhuman force. There were several explosions. I felt a big shudder, like an electric shock, run through my body.
21 But after lobbying by News International and the Daily Mail ministers agreed not to bring it into force.
22 When task force agents interrogate one of the thieves nabbed with the Renoir, he tells them the whereabouts of the other, far more valuable painting snatched from the National museum: the Rembrandt.
23 Valuable personal growth is not quantitative, but qualitative, and you have to force yourself towards qualitative growth.
24 The new regulations will be put into force next week.
25 Acceleration and wheel force safety limits.
26 Most notable of these is the National Democratic Force (NDF), led by former NLD members who saw these elections as a valuable opportunity, disagreed with the boycott and bolted.
27 This would wreck budgets and upset the navy and air force.
28 What interests me, indeed, is knowing and describing the force that leads them back toward the common path of illusion.
29 For a ball rolling across the floor, that outside force could be the friction between the ball and the floor, or it could be the toddler that kicks the ball in another direction.
30 But some adoption agencies have been bucked the rules, saying it's unfair to force them to go against their religious beliefs by coordinating adoptions for gay families.