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No. sentence
1 he remains a true radical, whose vision of paring government to the bone excites a youthful following.
2 I thought I heard someone following me, and glancing round, I caught sight of a dark figure in the shadows.
3 For instance, when publishing a book you might want to merge the chapter files or β€” as you'll see in the following section β€” photos files.
4 People are infected through the skin following a bite or scratch by an infected animal.
5 At the end of the Transition phase, the project is evaluated against the following criterion: the method has been distributed to the practitioner community, and the practitioners are satisfied.
6 We spent a week following a launch of a satellite for a Japanese cartoon channel.
7 After following a few simple steps with the GUI on the license server installation launch pad, you will be asked to import your license key from a file.
8 To this end, each analysis result offers a context menu from which a pattern solution for the respective problem can be automatically instantiated, as explained in the following subsection.
9 On behalf of my Government I have the honour to make to you the following communications.
10 The following tables provide insights in how to migrate from one library to another.
11 Since its launch on 2 November 2005, Mechanical Turk has gradually built up a following - there is a forum for "Turkers" called Turker Nation, which appears to have light-to-medium level patronage.
12 The king placed the maiden before him on his horse and rode away to his castle, the fawn following by their side.
13 Lines 3, 4, 6, and 8 do not contain any readings; they contain metadata about the lines following them.
14 Type the following single command on one line.
15 For example, to find all the files in the /usr/share directory tree that were accessed in August, 2006, try the following
16 The following command does the same as above, but only shows results that have β€œbin” in the path, such as /usr/bin.
17 Using the following config settings, a user on a trusted host can log onto the remote machine without providing the password.
18 The key is allowing lights to switch from green to red in a decentralized, chaotic way, instead of following a regular programmed pattern.
19 If you want to move it to a different folder, delete it, or drag it onto another artifact, use one of the other views described in the following subsections.
20 The following news story is not as much hardware related as our site usually does, but it is funny enough to make your whole week better and even good enough to provide with clothing some of you.
21 The following steps describe the changes required to add components to customize shelf.
22 the following, all of these these activity kinds are divided into groups.
23 If your extension is valid, its icon appears next to the address bar, and information about the extension appears in the extensions page, as the following screenshot shows.
24 Prosecutors argued that the device only collected the same information anyone on a public street could glean from following the suspect.
25 The following few rules contain the secret of correct book-keeping.
26 the graphic on the following page, notice the aesthetically pleasing proportions of the rectangles and lines as your eye travels along the spiral.
27 If this reminds you of your problem, the following might be the beginning of the development of your solution.
28 Read the following and see if you can identify the company or at least the size of the company and its software projects.
29 If you run this script, you get the following error.
30 Put the following words into Chinese.