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No. sentence
1 Once one of them followed me until I gave him a dollar.
2 She saw the man from the rear-vision mirror who followed her was standing behind a phone booth.
3 The boy followed his father out.
4 After the first victory, our army followed through to win every battle.
5 Then, I followed Moses back to the flock and there, I sat solemnly. It would beMoses’ last day with us.
6 The police followed home the clue and finally caught the culprit.
7 I followed him around for the rest of the conference and watched as many of his testing sessions as I could.
8 Estonia has two more hurdles to jump before it can scotch the scoffers: an EU committee meeting at the end of May, followed by a finance ministers' summit in early June.
9 The tsunami that followed engulfed the northeast and wiped out entire towns.
10 regular expression followed by + matches one or more occurrences of the regular expression.
11 She beckoned, and Jo reluctantly followed her into a side room, where she found her on a sofa, holding her foot, and looking pale.
12 She threw down her pipe and bustled in, the girl followed, and I entered too;
13 Worse, your design may not be implemented and used properly if process management techniques are only talked about but not followed.
14 Come! Let us worship, 'whispered the Witch, and she led him up, and a great desire to do as she besought him seized on him, and he followed her.
15 Each rise of a skyscraper breaking the world record tends to be followed by an economic downturn.
16 After the defeat great disorders followed.
17 What they Shared was the same instinctive responses to the attack on the twin towers and all that followed.
18 I have followed like a madman, simply to drive you the rest of the distance, if you won't come back. '.
19 As a child I often waited for my dad to return from the vineyards, and followed him to his workshop filled with saws, welders' masks, and nails sorted by size.
20 But a very big policeman followed him and caught him when he was getting on the ferry.
21 The camps followed, as Aranda people from the Western Desert region drifted in looking for work on the huge cattle stations (or ranches) that white settlers had staked out.
22 enrollment of TOEFL learners plunged to 12 in August but bounced back to 48 in September and was followed by another giant increase to 98 in October.
23 I've followed my heart ever since I finished school. Making a living as an online poker player helped me practice my intuition.
24 At Hilders, the R3 becomes the Iron Curtain Trail, and we veered north and followed it along the former border.
25 We followed him toward the elevator.
26 He said six gun shots had rung out, then silence followed by another six gunshots, and screams and trumpeting of elephants.
27 Old Roger Chillingworth followed, as one intimately connected with the drama of guilt and sorrow in which they had all been actors, and well entitled, therefore, to be present at its closing scene.
28 If you drive your car alongside a railroad track, a train coming at you will seem to be moving much faster than if you turned around and followed it in the same direction.
29 is followed, either directly or after some time has passed, by execution of code - as part of which a request might be sent to yet another part of the universe, and so on.
30 Thrusts and feints followed thick and fast, the sweat poured off me, but in vain.