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foiled in a sentence

1. The breakout plot was foiled.

2. His death foiled this plan.

3. He is foiled by Batman and Robin.

4. or "Curses, foiled again!"

5. Gyrich's scheme was foiled.

6. The plan was foiled because Maj.

7. Their rescue was foiled.

8. Gyrich's scheme was foiled.

9. The speech was foiled.

10. This plan was foiled by Marwin.

11. He is foiled by their dual suicide;

12. They were again foiled in 309.

13. Their mission is foiled by X-Force.

14. Their plan was foiled, however.

15. She foiled their plans of course.

16. His plans are foiled by the hero.

17. Sonny's plan is foiled.

18. His plans are foiled by Jack.

19. Lydia's plans are thus foiled.

20. Their efforts to hide are foiled;

21. when foiled, he flees with the die.

22. This foiled Dean's publicity stunt.

23. The plot was foiled.

24. The attack however was foiled.

25. The scheme is ultimately foiled.

26. Rubber Company foiled these plans.

27. The Villain Foiled on IMDb.

28. A Coast Guardsman foiled the plot;

29. Cora seeks revenge, but is foiled.

30. They were foiled and escaped.