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1 Because this example focuses on publishing, these two methods are not used by the example client; however, skeletal implementations are required for successful code compilation.
2 Obama emphasized that his plan focuses on helping families who have "played by the rules" stay in their homes.
3 Rather than work on pressing, urgent projects that he might mistakes on due to his illness, he instead focuses on long-term planning and thinking about his future career goals.
4 It focuses on using and developing XML applications, with a particular emphasis on aspects of XML that are often misunderstood or misapplied.
5 This recap focuses on the paradigm shift to the dynamic sharing of resources, using GIG to achieve information superiority, and the value of a grid monitor to harness unused resources.
6 One key to success is effective hazard identification, which focuses attention on opportunities for risk reduction in the particular circumstances of the specific passenger railroad.
7 The research focuses on falling goods prices.
8 This article focuses on the latter: the technical requirements.
9 This article focuses on the latter.
10 This section focuses on selecting data from a single table; the last section in this article covers table joins and selecting data from multiple tables.
11 can get dangerous when a wife focuses so much on her husband that she loses her personality, her sense of self, ” he says.
12 it comes back to the balance and moderation concept - if your diet overall focuses on healthy, whole foods most of the time, there's no reason why you can't occasionally indulge.
13 This article focuses on establishing the database connection and dealing with potential database errors and warnings.
14 This article focuses on the command caching portion of this functionality.
15 This research focuses on the types of parent-child reading and the influence upon childrens emergent literacy development.
16 article on navel piercing history focuses on the degree to which a certain medical device could complicate the long healing period, the period that follows any navel piercing.
17 Although he often focuses on project management issues, this book is not just for project managers.
18 Thus, this may be the best representation of a governance framework simply because it focuses on service delivery from a purely service-centric perspective and not a technological perspective.
19 Preparedness focuses on surveillance, from case detection to investigation and laboratory confirmation.
20 Thus our Single Player Basics section focuses on giving guidance to a wide range of players, from novice to expert.
21 This series of articles focuses on cold standby configuration.
22 While her boyfriend cleans house, Ebba focuses on being a role model for the 250, 000 young female readers of her magazine.
23 However, this tutorial focuses on the middleware tier.
24 The theme this year, "Equal access to education, training and science and technology: Pathway to decent work for women", focuses on some basic determinants of women's health.
25 PHE focuses on developing and advocating effective preventive policies and interventions based on improved scientific understanding of the environmental determinants of human health.
26 The merit of "Working Longer", which focuses on America, is that it grasps this thorny issue.
27 It focuses on the origins of the languages, differences in syntax, learning curves of each language, database connections for each, and other USES for each language.
28 For instance, if your organization focuses on results and ignores how to achieve those results, it's likely that the group will suffer from low trust and consequently low morale.
29 So it can be useful to have a set of guiding focuses in your business.
30 The first part of the book focuses on robots — why we would use them, and how it could be dangerous to allow robots to replace human interaction.