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No. sentence
1 As you would expect from a company focused on connecting people, we prioritize antenna performance over physical design if they are ever in conflict.
2 Breaking into two groups, we focused on what measurements are important to businesses and practitioners, respectively.
3 Actually, it begins and ends with eye contact, because if she realizes you haven't focused on her eyes for even two consecutive seconds, she'll lose attention before you even say a word.
4 Lapan says the planning is focused mainly on naval and air forces, and that so far no orders have been received to launch any type of military mission in or around Libya.
5 So far, we have focused on how developers can save time and money by using static analysis, but what about your customers?
6 In recent years, Yuxi municipality has focused its investment on infrastructure construction instead of industrial economy, which hinders Yuxi's economic growth.
7 Focused inspection realistic, pragmatic, solid style of work is really persevered.
8 Some focused on grammar. They must understand all kinds of clauses.
9 learn to accomplish the tasks of a meeting through an email, a quick phone call, a quick and focused IM, an online group chat if necessary.
10 Pick a limited range of places where and times when you do your most focused learning.
11 Through focused desire and concentration, however, we can all enhance the abilities we were born with.
12 When we are able to experience the moment and not have to be focused on what is to come or how our current experience will impact our future, it provides great emotional relief.
13 Fed has so far focused on stabilizing the financial system through guarantees on the assets held by and loans to troubled financial institutions.
14 Mitigation really focused on the fact that for the first time in the Copenhagen Accord all the major economies agreed to implement either targets or actions.
15 The holograms were fabricated using a very finely focused ion beam to cut a pattern of extremely small slits just 20 nm across through a thin silicon membrane 30 nm thick.
16 He believes we should be focused on teaching students to comprehend what they read.
17 This lecture will be focused on the second question.
18 I then focused on him, silently hoping for good news.
19 He quickly addressed the company's technicians and engineers. "Whatever you do, keep your eye focused on the network," he told them, "because traffic's going to go crazy."
20 They focused on the hippocampus - an elongated, banana-shaped structure beneath the brain's temporal lobe.
21 All of which suggests exercises such as this one are useful for keeping people focused on the problem. But no one should believe that they tell the whole story.
22 They focused their attentions on 12 cities in Switzerland and France to find out about the relationship between brain size and survival.
23 If you do this you can strengthen your mind and your resolve and stay focused on your task.
24 Girls at all ages said girls were cleverer, performed better and were more focused.
25 Instead of relying on how X-rays are absorbed by different materials, they have instead focused on how they are diverted or refracted as they pass through different substances.
26 Funds focused on the ailing financial sector have since last year attracted particularly large amounts of capital (see chart).
27 In some places, this translates to awkwardness when it is used as a standalone programming API, but this is the usage focused on in this discussion.
28 Over the past decade, researchers have increasingly focused on so-called antenatal depression (depression during pregnancy) and its effect not only on mothers but also on the development of the baby.
29 The study focused on cats that were born deaf, so it is unclear if those with degenerative hearing would experience the same neurological shift.
30 Youll avoid forgetting anything, pull stay focused on the job, and its very satisfying to tick off those boxes.