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flicking in a sentence

1. Betelgeuse is Ya-jungin "Owl Eyes Flicking", watching the ceremonies.

2. Betelgeuse is Ya-jungin "Owl Eyes Flicking", watching the ceremonies.

3. One feels like flicking him away in disgust.

4. A male keen on sniffing the female's vulva keeps flicking his tongue.

5. They have a quirky habit of flicking their tail sideways while feeding.

6. (4) tongue flicking – in two contexts;

7. He has been prolific from shortcorners by specialising in drag flicking.

8. Drag flicking is a scoring technique in the sport of field hockey.

9. By flicking the Wii Remote &

10. The pictures appeared to show Akhtar flicking his thumb at the ball.

11. Sehwag also got out, offering a catch, flicking Lee uppishly.

12. It has a habit of flicking its wings once or twice every time it moves.

13. the thyme-scented morning lizard's tongue flicking out.

14. and the lophophore's flicking of food into the mouth.

15. It was a coin flicking ticket redemption game with a pool theme.

16. Apps are closed by flicking a "card" up—and "off"—the screen.

17. In 2018, Craig starts flicking switches and turning knobs repeatedly.

18. Many pilgrims have experienced idols opening or flicking their eyes.

19. In the segment, the three engage in twerking and hair flicking actions.

20. it is thrown upwards with a slight flicking motion.

21. it is thrown at a diagonal angle with a flicking-wrist motion.

22. The females respond by clicking, produced by a flicking of the wings.

23. 10-9 Algieri Round 9: Algieri still moving and flicking.

24. are lined up, and players input commands by flicking the screen.

25. Males will follow the female while flicking their tongue repeatedly.

26. He plays as a defender, and also specialises in drag flicking.

27. There are three controls: tap, swipe (also known as flicking), and hold.

28. Learn some nifty pen-flicking tricks.

29. Now we are flicking the switch again.

30. I think you are? Flicking through? It.