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No. sentence
1 He was the new pele who, after being horribly abused by both his parents, fled from Ghana to Europe to make a spectacular start to his career.
2 The chef said he was given the picture shortly before he fled to Japan in 2001.
3 She discovered that those who fled to Palestine took as many books as they could carry, but as the exiled population of German-Jews grew in number, so did the demand for German literature.
4 of the initial assault fled to a basement boiler room, and under instructions from police over the telephone, barricaded themselves inside.
5 He killed his enemy and fled the country.
6 Some have fled west to Liberia or east to Ghana.
7 All of us carried parts of our Sunday picnic lunch, grabbed in haste from the truck as we fled the storm.
8 However, in the past fortnight, since thousands of terrified Syrians have fled across the border into Turkey, relations have sharply worsened.
9 My flowers were like milk and honey and wine; I bound them into a posy with a golden ribbon, but they escaped my watchful care and fled away, and only the ribbon remains.
10 Xu, who is also culture editor at the Beijing News paper, was apparently stabbed in the store's bathroom by two men who later fled, according to friends and fellow bloggers who posted the news online.
11 My songs were like milk and honey and wine, they were held in the rhythm of my beating heart, but they spread their wings and fled away, the darlings of the idle hours, and my heart beats in silence.
12 He asked people to gather round and then he started shooting, so these young people fled into the bushes and woods and some even swam off the island to get to safety.
13 The Trappist dark ales were first brewed by monks who fled France after the Napoleonic period.
14 He stashed the money in his sack and fled, telling staff and customers he needed the cash because "Santa needed to pay his elves".
15 So, for some reason it was safe in Athens and some fled to Athens.
16 Guests fled to their rooms and knotted curtains and sheets, which they lowered out of Windows, and clambered down to safety.
17 the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded.
18 all Israel that were round about them fled at the cry of them: for they said, Lest the earth swallow us up also.
19 But most of those repatriated to the same dire conditions they had fled have trickled back to squat in makeshift shelters and camps just across the border.
20 Thailand has tens of thousands of refugees living in camps along its borders. Many of them fled fighting in Burma.
21 moved to freeze the assets of the Tunisian and Egyptian strongmen only after they had fled or resigned.
22 Finally they found a clearer passage, found a stairway they could get into and fled down to the street.
23 when overseas hot money fled as asset bubbles in these countries burst, some emerging-market countries, Thailand, for example, found themselves essentially bankrupt.
24 The first of some 30, 000 Georgians who fled South Ossetia during the August war are now moving into box-like cottages in an archipelago of refugee camps spread across northern Georgia.
25 the first man in the address book, the chef had written a typed letter: “Am in trouble and have fled the city . . . Tell my dear wife I am safe, but for her safety do not tell her where I am . . .
26 Pentagon Spokesman Bryan Whitman says the attackers fled, and ignored warnings to stop broadcast from the helicopter, so the crew fired two warning shots near the small boat.
27 My family had fled Cuba in 1959.
28 A group of Cubans who recently fled Venezuela told a newspaper in Miami that they had bribed a Cuban official working in passport control at Caracas airport.
29 More worrying still, more than 5, 000 prisoners fled the country’s jails in the earthquake, and most remain at large.
30 They later fled to Italy, where they lived and worked for 15 years.