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flatter in a sentence

1. They flatter him and ply him with wine.

2. lateral sclerites were flatter and longer.

3. Some areas nearer the river are flatter.

4. They are flatter and simpler in design.

5. Kintyre is slightly flatter though still hilly.

6. The first type has a flatter shape;

7. One poet attempts to flatter his pride.

8. It's in our national interest to flatter them."

9. This yields a flatter, more neutral sound.

10. nearby Canna and Muck are flatter.

11. The flatter the surfaces;

12. lower, flatter lacrimal horn;

13. In 2019 a new, flatter route was introduced.

14. flatter", and er 貳 "double-hearted;

15. Skipper's head is flatter in the series;

16. The flatter lands are in the lower elevations.

17. And flatter him.

18. Wider and flatter at the nodes.

19. Van der Weyden sought to flatter d'Este;

20. ventral side wider and flatter than dorsal;

21. The coast of Lapurdi is flatter.

22. the southern side is flatter.

23. Its skull is flatter than most other varanoids.

24. The southern end is flatter;

25. The female has flatter elytra than the male.

26. To flatter is not always to falsify.

27. Lower down the land is flatter.

28. What Caesar thinks of me. I flatter no one.

29. Wear clothes that flatter and fit.

30. Yet for disport we fawn and flatter both.