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No. sentence
1 They fixed me up with this job.
2 This future is not fixed, but it is a destination that can be reached if we pursue a sustained dialogue like the one that you will commence today, and act on what we hear and what we learn.
3 If the process was done correctly, there should be no failures but if there are those specifications should be fed through the manual update process again to have them fixed.
4 It is easy to instill the minds of young children with fixed ideas.
5 That way if you ever have to change the way you search, you can change it in one place and it gets fixed in all your test scripts that call that module.
6 She bustled around and fixed herself a quiet supper, then curled up with a book in bed.
7 price is not yet fixed.
8 The requirement of the VPP system is that the "pivot" is not fixed, the pivot they talked about is not the pivots that you see or maintained on the frame, it's virtual.
9 This code is not what I first attempted; this final version, nicely fixed up so that it works, reflects a handful of interesting quirks.
10 His image was fixed in her mind.
11 They will have a secret deal with India and purchase the rice from them, at some sort of fixed price.
12 Because the tool bit and the tool bar are is fixed together by the tapering shape positioning device, the tool bit can be dismounted from the tool bar to make a multi-purpose tool bar.
13 Advocates of the Calman plan say this can be fixed by adjusting the Treasury grant to Scotland.
14 They float like clouds made of rock, amongst the fixed mountains and swirling cloud structures.
15 The tail is fixed on the model plane with nails.
16 A terrified old woman fixed a mattress in front of her window on two clothes-poles for drying linen, in order to deaden the effect of musketry.
17 SJH Projects, a small British company, has developed a so-called "stone sponge" material that, fixed to a vehicle's undercarriage, partially absorbs the blast.
18 The fried egg jellyfish, also known as medusa, produce eggs that are fertilised in sea water, which then develop into a tiny larva fixed to sea bed organisms.
19 tempting to assume that the problem is purely one of supply and can be fixed by genetically modified plants or investment in a new “green revolution” to boost crop yields.
20 However, this method also has a limitation because of its ease: it can only be used when the element to be removed or inserted has a fixed parent that is known before run time.
21 Fixed a problem that removed the Summoned state from Carrion Beetles when they burrow.
22 A bunch of protons smash into a fixed target, creating a horde of scattered mesons, which last for fractions of a second before decaying into neutrinos.
23 Being a fan became a fixed point, wherever I lived; it was-it is-one of the two or three things that I think of as making me, well, me.
24 He told me that woodwork was just a hobby for him now, but once it had been useful-when he had fixed shelves and done minor repairs.
25 They were saddled with "take or pay" contracts that obliged them to buy fixed quantities of gas far above what they could sell and at prices way above those on the spot market.
26 Only a finite and fixed amount of data is "live" in any given collection.
27 bus makes fixed stops as part of an itinerary; the other buses would see I was blind and assume I was going to get in to sign or beg.
28 pegging to the dollar, a currency was automatically fixed to everything else.
29 We fixed on one about the size of a small washing machine, and my wife haggled the price down to about twenty quid.
30 If you want to use DTDs and namespaces together, you can do so by designating specific prefixes and treating them as fixed parts of the element and attribute names.