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five titles in a sentence

1. No other team has more than five titles.

2. All five titles became extinct on his death in 1853.

3. All five titles were in the Peerage of Scotland.

4. The act consists of five titles.

5. Series five titles still remain similar;

6. His five titles in the U.S. Amateur are a record.

7. The jurors will shortlist between three and five titles.

8. Assault is one of the five titles in Namco Museum Vol.

9. At least five titles in the series.

10. At least five titles.

11. The press currently has released five titles.

12. Five titles followed that, in 1894, 1895, 1897 and 1898.

13. five titles got a U.S. release.

14. She has published twenty-five titles.

15. Since then, the team has five titles in the SEHA League.

16. Brazil is the most successful team with five titles.

17. The club won five titles on the trot from 2007 - 2011.

18. The team went undefeated in three of the five titles.

19. No other jockey has won more than five titles.

20. It was the first of five titles in a row.

21. A star above the crest is awarded for every five titles.

22. Up to five titles may be designated as Honor Books.

23. He finished his career with five titles in the PBA.

24. No other team has more than five titles.

25. The last of its five titles was released in 1998.

26. Five titles were awarded to drivers in the 2014 season.

27. Romulo's amateur career included five titles.

28. Five titles are offered to drivers in the 2015 season.

29. All but five titles appear to be lost.

30. he won five titles in total.