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No. sentence
1 We work from nine to five.
2 In the US, where they have carried out a number of fatal attacks on children, hybrids are banned in some states and in others are only legal once they are five generations removed from wolves.
3 This article illustrates five common problems in database design, in the PHP code that accesses databases, and how to fix these problems when you see them.
4 bite or scratch from a possibly rabid animal, the standard treatment is a course of vaccine injections into the patient's muscle on five separate days.
5 I suggest you commit yourself to God's five purposes for your life so that they will commit to that, too.
6 We want to buy a car that can seat five persons.
7 There was another flurry five years ago, but some retreated again after facing the wrath of their private-equity clients.
8 mind, Guan Yu admitted that if Cao Cao did not ordered his men to let Guan Yu pass through, he would not have gotten through the five passes alive.
9 He served ten years in a federal prison and I met him five years after that, early in 2003.
10 Jon made professor in five years.
11 Can you lend me five dollars?
12 As with my other lists, I limit myself to five names here: no ties, no honorable mentions.
13 We spent over five years on this project.
14 He has done five years in the jail.
15 For five of the past seven election years, Congress has failed to agree on one.
16 She boarded one of the last lifeboats which contained just five passengers and seven crew members, whom on hearing the screams, refused to go back to search for more survivors.
17 At present, there are throughout the country 159 national autonomous areas, including five autonomous regions, 30 autonomous prefectures and 124 autonomous counties (or banners).
18 More than 215, 000 people are said to be living in 1, 350 temporary shelters in five prefectures.
19 New Census figures show that four of the five fastest growing states between 2000 and 2010 were located in the Mountain West.
20 Angle number is sounded, Yuxi company in the next five years to become China's precision non-standard blades on the market brand.
21 Five North Korea during the Western Han Dynasty have been set up taste in Qujing County.
22 Dad: Yes, I went there five years ago.
23 And you had disappointed me, Dad, because you have not been in my life for five years.
24 Ricks motioned to them, and five of the guys trotted over.
25 He finds it hard to focus his thoughts on one thing for longer than five minutes.
26 This coat should sell very well: since we have not offered an alpaca overcoat for five years and since our major competitor no longer makes an alpaca overcoat, there will be pent-up customer demand.
27 The pond is about five metres deep.
28 I knew America would also get beyond this dark day when five Republican justices stripped thousands of their fellow Americans of their votes, just because they could.
29 Regulations are more transparent than they were just five years ago, and in most situations you no longer need inside pull to get permits.
30 I was shut out for being five minutes late.