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No. sentence
1 here that we dossed down for our first night in the forest.
2 You should rip the cover off the box first.
3 To answer the first two it is necessary to peel away layers accumulated over 510 years since a band of Portuguese explorers landed in what is now Bahia state.
4 First, you peel and dice a potato. Then, dice some Onions and fry them with the potato and some olive oil in a pan.
5 First she goes to Paris and then to London.
6 Memories of the first asparagus and carrots he ate from a garden years before led him to start growing produce on the roof of his landmarked brownstone in Park Slope, Brooklyn, six or seven years ago.
7 She had a boy by her first husband.
8 Please tell me first, if you sell up.
9 At first they resisted the call for reform.
10 English was his first language and he always had a terrific ear.
11 Their first child was conceived in January and born in October.
12 Changes might be made in the trunk, without being made in my work branch first!
13 They planted the first church in that part of the city.
14 So you see, there are really two answers to the question when is the first day of spring.
15 Mary was the first person to think of the idea.
16 The boxer polished off his opponent in the first round.
17 The young boxer has copped the prize of the first round.
18 Three lines of the first paragraph were underscored in red ink.
19 I wonder who first thought of the idea.
20 He said a reporter had asked him whether cigarette smoking should be banned in film and TV and he was trying to argue that bad behavior needed to be regulated in real life first.
21 I bank at the First National.
22 The first command, /usr/local/bin/search --config /usr/local/etc/sphinx.conf ENG, found the two occurrences of ENG in part numbers.
23 After the first victory, our army followed through to win every battle.
24 This is the first integrated antenna that also serves as its own reference.
25 This was our first introduction to automated testing, and we were surprised at how well it worked.
26 Swallowing your pride took on a whole new different meaning for me as I swallowed my first bite of rat meat.
27 They say the needle pricks like an ant bite," he explained, when the first patient flinched at the local anesthetic.
28 first bite of cheeseless pizza was something I dreaded but in reality, it was remarkably easy and welcoming.
29 This isn't the first time a rumor swirled around Cook and a high profile CEO gig.
30 The birds of night peck at the first stars.