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No. sentence
1 To families divided by questions of money and inheritance he said: "Look at the mountaineers of Devolny, a country so wild that the nightingale is not heard there once in fifty years."
2 Now, fifty years later, Jesse studied Sampson Ridge, where bulldozers razed woods for another gated community.
3 In 2007, a few months after the base station was installed on an apartment complex fifty feet from their bedroom window, the two say they began to feel ill.
4 Yet, the length of time does not correspond to an observed reality; it could be from five years to fifty years.
5 He was sent to the place of execution and force to walk the last fifty meters of his life silently.
6 Shadows crisscrossed the hill, and fifty meters overhead Kurt watched three Banshees streak past.
7 Thutmose III was responsible for building over fifty temples in Egypt and effecting massive additions to Egypt ‘s chief temple at Karnak .
8 Please break this into all fifty cent coins.
9 If a user gives you fifty requirements, he should also let you know how important each one is relative to the others.
10 If you can find anything that will fetch fifty centimes, you're cleverer than I am.
11 And there came down fire from heaven, and consumed him and his fifty.
12 And the fire of God came down from heaven, and consumed him and his fifty.
13 Normal growth of kiwifruit, mature and nectarines should be about big and small big and small, forty or fifty grams of weight, if water and nutrients very well, can grow to large 100 grams.
14 Under the picture, in a glazed frame, there hung a bouquet of withered flowers; they were almost fifty years old; they looked so very old!
15 Tom: Her memory preserved in a diary for fifty years.
16 Then you caught sight of an old man sitting in a grass hut selling watermelons, and gritting your teeth you pulled out fifty fen to buy one.
17 Martha said Henry was muttering something yesterday about Jaycees, fifty million Jaycees.
18 sonnet he composed that night was the first of a love-cycle of fifty sonnets which was completed within two months.
19 Frankly, I'd rather give fifty francs to some poor French girl; at least they give you something in return.
20 Fifty years later, almost all were gutted by the internal-combustion engine, which enabled people and jobs to move to the suburbs.
21 Fifty years ago when Alan Shepard climbed inside his Mercury capsule to blast off into space, things were looking pretty grim for the fledgling U.S. space program.
22 They returned to Jerusalem, where at Pentecost, fifty days after the Passover, they received the gift of the Holly Spirit.
23 Rainfall over the mid-west, Northern Plains, and the Rockies was fifty to eighty-five percent below normal.
24 Bozo contemptuously pointed out an old white-bearded screever fifty yards away.
25 fifty men in the barricade had speedily exhausted the scanty provisions of the wine-shop during the sixteen hours which they had passed there.
26 The firm signed on fifty more workers last week.
27 Before the minie ball, few soldiers could hit a target more than thirty meters away. With the new bullet, they could hit targets more than one hundred fifty meters away.
28 Fifty years ago the state of the vehicle was easily partitioned into the state of the subsystems (steering, drive train, electrical, ...) and these systems had minimal, if any, interaction.
29 From two thousand feet he tried again, rolling into his dive, beak straight down, wings full out and stable from the moment he passed fifty miles per hour.
30 Last week, the top law enforcement officials in all fifty states announced an investigation of big servicers of home loans.