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fifth-century in a sentence

31. Christianity made little headway until the fifth century.

32. In the fifth century, the Visigoths drove back the Suevi.

33. Old Dongola was founded in the fifth century as a fortress.

34. From the fifth century, Scotland was a Roman Catholic country;

35. Veneration of the two saints dates to the fifth century.

36. It is built on the site of a fifth-century Byzantine church.

37. Attitudes gradually began to relax in the fifth century.

38. It describes the inner life of fifth-century Saint Alexis.

39. Tolentino is known to have had bishops by the fifth century.

40. The vineyards of Pouilly-Fumé date back to the fifth century.

41. He dated the manuscript fragments to the fifth century;

42. Idus of Leinster was an Irish saint of the fifth century.

43. St. Martin, Abbot of the Saintes monastery (fifth century);

44. During the fifth century the city was destroyed by Attila.

45. A diocese was first established at Vic in the fifth century.

46. Mouzeil has been part of a Parish since the fifth century.

47. Renatus Profuturus Frigeridus was a fifth-century historian.

48. Paleographically it has been assigned to the fifth century.

49. The Sagredo family traced its roots back to the fifth century.

50. However, the mining industry stopped in the fifth century.

51. It is dated by scholars to the fourth or fifth century.

52. He is supposed to have lived in the fourth or fifth century.

53. The area has been inhabited since the fifth century BCE.

54. Fifth-century mosaic exterior wall of St. Stephen's Church.

55. Venantius of Berri was a fifth century Saint and abbot.

56. Yet its first foundations date from the fifth century.

57. Dates as early as the fifth century have been proposed.

58. The village was given to Sunerico in the fifth century (460).

59. This corpus is attested from the early fifth century onwards.

60. The coins imply a foundation in the late fifth century.