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No. sentence
1 The clever boy jumped the fifth grade in school.
2 Just under a fifth dont redeem their points indicating that members are either not engaged with the programme or that redemptions are far to difficult to transact.
3 anchor in the heart of One, then simply feel yourself as if you are drifting down the sacred spiral, staying within, into the Fifth.
4 The fifth maxim: the first class soup has more creations than second class paintings.
5 the fifth and sixth day, she kept reminding me something, such as, where she put the ironed shirts, I should be careful while cooking, etc.
6 summer as we traveled around New England, upstate New York and eastern Canada on our fifth anthem tour, my son and I bickered.
7 Fifth, the technology focus to the course forced the students to spend much more time learning about and installing different tools on their systems.
8 Serb then wasted three match points while leading 5-3 in the fifth set before converting his sixth match point after Isner netted a forehand.
9 In the 2005 election, when they were buoyed by their opposition to the Iraq war, they won more than a fifth of the votes, but less than a tenth of the seats.
10 But Zhou Chengjian bucked the trend by climbing 351 places to fifth spot after his fashion firm boosted his wealth to $2bn.
11 Then the next pitch on the trumpet is actually an interval of a fifth.
12 Nagoya, Yokohama and Kobe came in third, fourth and fifth, respectively.
13 So before I went out last night for the FIFTH time in six nights!
14 Despite the original misgivings of some of the Fifth Air Force crews, they began to understand that they had been given a new potent weapon.
15 Two perfect innings morphed into two messy ones, and a two-out homer in the fifth ended his day.
16 mobbed Apple's (AAPL) Fifth Avenue Store Friday estimate that as many as half the iPads sold that day were being bought for re-sale overseas.
17 Then, after a consultation with her mother, she continued to the top, the fifth level, and descended to recount her triumph.
18 After all, she has degrees in marketing and botany from a well-regarded school in this central Chinese city, and she ranked in the top fifth of her class.
19 I'm attracted to you so strongly, scientists will have to develop a fifth fundamental force.
20 yet, on the fourth or fifth reading in the 24 years since UK publication, the Periodic Table still seems to me to be the nearest match to the ideal science book.
21 I have instructed them not to give you a fourth and fifth lecture.
22 Mrs. Beaufort may not--but Beaufort certainly does, for she was seen walking up Fifth Avenue this afternoon with him by the whole of New York.
23 Fifth, it makes assertions not supported by the evidence.
24 The powerful US Fifth Fleet that was nearing Japan alone used more fuel in a year than all of Japan.
25 No shopping bags from Fifth Avenue?” he asks incredulously.
26 You see, you look just like my fifth husband.
27 Fifth, grow tourism into a new highlight of cooperation.
28 Fifth, now that I have the list of symmetrical factors, I append it to the original list.
29 Mexico is in its fifth year of a ramped-up war against organised crime, which has caused violence to flare in states that find themselves on the drug route to the United States.
30 was hard for me to lose when I had three or four break points in that fifth set [which Federer won 6-2].