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1 was until a village playwright called Valerie Chidson decided to research Emma's disappearance for a short fictionalised film after seeing a picture of the teenager in an old village photograph.
2 fictionalised portrait of the artist as a young man is recalled by an older, disillusioned narrator. What begins as an enchanted adventure of youth becomes freighted with trauma and loss.
3 This book clearly falls into the category of fictionalised autobiography.
4 But 10 years ago she started writing down her story, which she lightly fictionalised in two novels - in the West and Forward, March.
5 The film incidentally gives us the ghost of the late Robin Cook, fictionalised as ex-foreign secretary "Richard Rycart".
6 Ozzie and Harriet", a situation comedy that ran on American television from 1952 to 1966, Ozzie Nelson, his wife and their two sons played fictionalised versions of themselves.
7 Novelists fictionalised ideal societies that were based on voluntarism rather than coercion.
8 A fictionalised account of Christie's disappearance is also the central theme of a Korean musical, Agatha.
9 Bodyline, a fictionalised television miniseries based on the "Bodyline" Ashes series of 1932–33, was screened in Australia in 1984.
10 This story was later retold with more detail by Geoffrey of Monmouth in his fictionalised Historia Regum Britanniae, conflating the personage of Ambrosius with the Welsh tradition of Myrddin the visionary, known for oracular utterances that foretold the coming victories of the native Celtic inhabitants of Britain over the Saxons and the Normans.
11 H. G. Wells' short story The Land Ironclads provides a fictionalised account of their use.
12 Chekhov's death has become one of "the great set pieces of literary history," retold, embroidered, and fictionalised many times since, notably in the short story "Errand" by Raymond Carver.
13 The French film The Price of Fame (2014) is a fictionalised account of the robbery of Chaplin's grave.
14 Wes Anderson's Oscar-winning film The Grand Budapest Hotel is regarded as a fictionalised celebration of the 1930s in Central Europe, and the region's musical tastes.
15 A fictionalised account of his life is told in the 2017 historical novel Dunstan by Conn Iggulden.
16 In 1973, Buchheim published a novel based on his wartime experiences, Das Boot (The Boat), a fictionalised autobiographical account narrated by a "Leutnant Werner".
17 (Virginia Woolf later fictionalised the life of the dog, making him the protagonist of her 1933 novel Flush: A Biography).
18 Jean Plaidy's novel The Courts of Love, fifth in the 'Queens of England' series, is a fictionalised autobiography of Eleanor of Aquitaine.
19 Chopin's life and romantic tribulations have been fictionalised in numerous films.
20 Much of the real life journalistic misconduct reported on Media Watch later appeared on Frontline in fictionalised form.
21 In Clark's view, the biotechnology is typically "given fantastic but visually arresting forms" while the science is either relegated to the background or fictionalised to suit a young audience.
22 In the 2012 novel Dodger by Terry Pratchett, Mayhew and his wife appear as fictionalised versions of themselves, and he is mentioned in the dedication.
23 Numerous historical cities and towns are mentioned, and several fictionalised versions of them make frequent appearances in his stories.
24 Yet the story is also heavily fictionalised.
25 A fictionalised version of John Graves Simcoe is a primary antagonist in the 2014–2017 AMC drama Turn: Washington's Spies, portrayed by Samuel Roukin.
26 He has also been portrayed in fictionalised films.
27 24 Hour Party People (2002) is a fictionalised account of Factory Records in which members of the band appear as supporting characters.
28 Sayers wrote no more Wimsey murder mysteries, and only one story involving him, after the outbreak of World War II. In The Wimsey Papers, a series of fictionalised commentaries in the form of mock letters between members of the Wimsey family published in The Spectator, there is a reference to Harriet's difficulty in continuing to write murder mysteries at a time when European dictators were openly committing mass murders with impunity;
29 The play is a fictionalised account of the events leading up to Stalin's death.
30 The expedition was fictionalised in Denis Guedj, Le Mètre du Monde.