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No. sentence
1 He looked me up and down and then asked me a few questions.
2 few people know about him is that he has left behind a trail of emotional destruction, having spent decades abusing vulnerable individuals for his own twisted purposes.
3 Just a few hundred yards inside the complex, reporters were shown smoldering remnants of government buildings, enveloped by mounds of smashed concrete, twisted rebar and shards of metal.
4 She whispered a few words in her mother's ear.
5 The fully-grown fruit (to use a more delicate expression) should be soft, brown and with a specific aroma which it acquires only by ripening for a few weeks.
6 Few of her early articles are preserved.
7 It was a late autumn evening with few pale stars and a moon no larger than the paring of a finger-nail.
8 a few minutes he suddenly came to.
9 like some of their course assignments, they come up with the idea, design it, implement it, and test it — everything, from start to finish, all by themselves, or with a few friends.
10 To be able to fill leisure intelligently is the last product of civilization, and at present very few people have reached this level.
11 Ubiquitous devices, including smart phones, display far more than a few seconds, but they can't be rolled up like a newspaper.
12 There is no right answer to this, but you should plan on supporting fix levels within a few months of their release.
13 A few years ago I read a very touching article in a magazine.
14 But here are a few ways you should try touching her — most women respond very positively towards ALL of them.
15 Although he had only rehearsed the part a few times, he carried it off beyond all expectations.
16 Only the few are likely to enjoy this film.
17 cars passed within a few feet, while the noisy world swirled around her, she did her homework and sold flowers.
18 A few WOODSPRITES circle around them, some alighting on their shoulders and arms.
19 Peck matches her stride for stride in one of the very few comedies in his filmography .
20 He dropped a few coconuts down to us.
21 force on a solar sail is gentle, if not feeble, but unlike a rocket, which fires for a few minutes at most, it is constant.
22 After following a few simple steps with the GUI on the license server installation launch pad, you will be asked to import your license key from a file.
23 Self Tan” lotions contain the chemicals that cause skin to darken. The idea is that you rub these chemicals all over your body and, after a few hours, you look like you just stepped off the beach.
24 will only be available for a few more hours, then Chris will be shutting down signups again until the next round.
25 Few of her former comrades enjoy this comfort; but, as another resident explained, the authorities like them to live there "to do propaganda and education work".
26 I usually like to start fuzzing somewhere after the first few bytes because programs seem more likely to notice an early mistake than a later one.
27 Yesterday I asked Nancy Duarte a few questions about working with Al Gore. Here's what she said.
28 When a few people in the press began pushing the theory that I could cost Al the election, I had a funny telephone conversation with him about it.
29 If that means missing a few signals in my system, so be it.
30 few keystrokes on the laptop keyboard we could steer the robot by sending signals over our wireless network to the laptop on the unit.