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1 For the motherland, to the nation, in the strangling feudalism, in the fire of imperialism, after countless men and women with high ideals, burn their own life and youth!
2 All of these freedoms imply not only an end to feudalism, but also the willingness of the sovereign state to cede such power to non-state actors.
3 All enjoyments for some, all privations for the rest, that is to say, for the people; privilege, exception, monopoly, feudalism, born from toil itself.
4 But the historic mission of the Chinese people to overthrow imperialism and feudalism remained unaccomplished.
5 But, if you believe the latest economic jeremiads, the eventual consequences of inaction could send society careening toward a horrifying form of new-age feudalism.
6 blocked the development of a merchant-industrial class and insured the survival of a despotic state cemented in the remains of feudalism.
7 Russian and then Soviet rule brought literacy, electricity and roads to the region, and uprooted feudalism. But by Mr Bullough’s account, it would be a travesty to call that a civilising mission.
8 Inside that circle a wholesome, tacit emotional feudalism develops: you give me protection, I'll give you fealty.
9 It was partially structured upon the Western Zhou system of feudalism, but elements of realpolitik were emerging.
10 The invisible restriction of running the country morally" and educating means to monarchical power made Chinese feudalism system get the relatively stable development and continuation."
11 The Chinese traditional legal culture created in slave society and feudalistic society , and had dense characteristics of the feudalism and ages.
12 Whether feudalism is positive element to the establishment of democratic polity is a question on which there is no clear discussion in China.
13 And then it is the eroding of the rump Feudalism and moldered Capitalism thoughts, as well as the influence of the western antagonize power.
14 In Mumford's account of the process of mechanization of Western life, this process is enmeshed in the social evolution from feudalism to capitalism.
15 On the one hand enfeoffs into the land provides knight's military fiefdom, establishes the knight system the solid foundation, and becomes the middle ages military feudalism the source.
16 Under feudalism, young people could not marry the person of their own choice.
17 This raises thorny questions about digital feudalism and the law.
18 While Voltaire, Condorcet and Descartes used reason to confront superstition and feudalism, thinkers across the Channel – Brooks cites Burke, Hume and Adam Smith – thought it unwise to trust reason.
19 Louis ended feudalism in France and modernized the country.
20 They do not have the historical mission to overthrow feudalism, So they are different from the revolution in nature.
21 Some of those who defended feudalism against capitalist values in the late Middle Ages preached that capitalism would never work because it was contrary to human nature.
22 we mean by feudalism?
23 All farming lands were owned by nobles, who then gave their land to their serfs, a situation similar to European feudalism.
24 The peasants in feudalism society of China refer to the laborers who rely on agriculture in persons .
25 Of or relating to or characteristic of feudalism .
26 During the great reform course from feudalism economy system to capitalist economy system, the primitive accumulation of capital has taken great effect.
27 Feudalism was not abolished in England until 1660.
28 China has long been in the grip of two acute and basic contradictions, the contradiction between China and imperialism and the contradiction between feudalism and the masses of the people.
29 of feudalism will not quickly fade away.
30 Out of thirty million farmers, nearly twenty million have become politically self-conscious. Eighty per cent of the people have been emancipated from two thousand years of feudalism.