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fetching in a sentence

1. For many villages fetching water required a long journey by horse.

2. It ended up fetching €1,602 for the charity.

3. The headers or fetching dogs keep livestock in a group.

4. Minimoogs began fetching high prices as collector's items.

5. Some missions involve fetching items or fighting monsters;

6. Fetching his belongings, he changes into a dress and a kapje.

7. She quietly dies while Marty is fetching her shawl.

8. Fetching water was a daily task for women.

9. Many figures are now fetching thousands of pounds.

10. Chalk he was "a real glutton for fetching and carrying."

11. and to any person fetching coals from pits.

12. and to any person fetching coals from pits.

13. and to any person fetching coals from pits.

14. Instead, they are expected to spend the whole day fetching water.

15. 'This fetching machine uses a bicycle and a hand from a mannequin.

16. They are also responsible for fetching the cars.

17. Not a very fetching body, either."

18. Some have become collector's items, fetching large sums of money.

19. Rosie appears in a fetching black sweater and tartan skirt.

20. Tatiana Pegova, a fetching young girl;

21. At 45, Kidman remains a fetching and powerful screen presence.

22. "very fetching;"

23. She also wrote the series Fetching for AOL's On Network in 2012.

24. Weller described the melody as "fetching."

25. It was not long before his wool was fetching record prices.

26. women who were fetching water in Ouguela and Montalban;

27. chairman's favourite suit, in fact, was a fetching shade of navy.

28. I remember him fetching you lemonade.

29. All fetching pattern classes implement the same interface.

30. Here is a sample HBM file excerpt using batch fetching.