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fertilisation in a sentence

1. Fertilisation probably takes place in the oviduct.

2. This is the point when fertilisation actually occurs;

3. Fertilisation in fungi.

4. At fertilisation, parental chromosomes combine.

5. Wind can act as an instigator for fertilisation.

6. It has also proposed a ban of in-vitro fertilisation.

7. Thus, reproduction is by self-fertilisation.

8. Fertilisation occurs in the oviduct.

9. Cross fertilisation occurs which is external.

10. Fertilisation is believed to be internal.

11. The last phase of fertilisation.

12. As such, fertilisation was not needed.

13. The Wilhelm-Tietjen-Stiftung für Fertilisation Ltd.

14. However, self-fertilisation very rarely occurs.

15. Self-fertilisation is also possible in this species.

16. Fertilisation takes place after spawning;

17. It breeds in summer, via external fertilisation.

18. Fertilisation takes place in the sea.

19. Fertilisation occurs and a planktonic larva forms.

20. The fertilisation in this species occurs internally.

21. In 2011, Daniel and Zara try in vitro fertilisation.

22. The fertilisation in this species occurs externally.

23. Fertilisation takes place when the thallus is wet.

24. Upon sexual maturity it undergoes self-fertilisation.

25. The males guard and fan the eggs after fertilisation.

26. and in cell-cell adhesion during fertilisation.

27. Fertilisation is internal by hypodermic copulation.

28. Fertilisation takes place in the water column.

29. It is a hermaphrodite and fertilisation is internal.

30. The sexes are separate and fertilisation is external.