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No. sentence
1 plants luxuriated in the fertile soil.
2 Likewise, land long under the sea can suddenly pop up, presenting gasping and dying sea life and deep muck that eventually dries to form new and very fertile soil.
3 Over time, lava and ash break down to form fertile soils ideal for agriculture.
4 Companies that succeed in these neglected emerging markets are not only putting down roots in the world's most fertile soil.
5 are many problems with living in the desert; lack of fertile soil for farming, arid temperatures and sand getting into food when eating outside.
6 Faster leaf decomposition and biomass growth have created a much more fertile soil on once sandy land, which was not always suitable for cultivation.
7 She says that the goods and services provided by nature - like clean air, rain or fertile soils - should not be taken for granted.
8 Onions grow best in loose, fertile soil. They can grow in many different climates.
9 Based on a mostly fertile soil with good access to fresh water, this industry has been the backbone of rural Bangladesh and could be one of the emerging sectors in the future.
10 As with most island cultures, fish and seafood is king and in Sicily they are prepared with fresh vegetables grown in the fertile soil in the shadow of Mount Etna.
11 Arable farming emphasizes crop production and occurs on the more fertile soils. The chief crops are wheat, barely, oats, sugar beer and potatoes.
12 California brings to mind my last home, France — God's country blessed with fertile soil for wines, sun-blanched beaches, and a well-educated populace.
13 Presumably, both economies would have fertile soil, agronomists, refrigerated packing plants and ports.
14 Ambition is the seedling of genius, through love labor hands, in the fertile soil will become the strong sun.
15 The idea behind square foot gardening is that you can plant fruits, vegetables and flowers in raised beds, above infertile soil and even out of the reach of pets.
16 Thirty years ago the islanders scratched a living from infertile soil, salt pans and fishing.
17 The generally infertile soils of this rainforest—the largest such forest on Earth—make sustainable farming difficult.
18 Dust and ash several feet thick smothered the fertile soil, rendering southern Japan uninhabitable for two centuries.
19 Seeds of kindness, goodwill, and human understanding, planted in fertile soil, spring up into deathless friendships, big deeds of worth, and a memory that will not soon fade out.
20 However, pathologic hyperplasia constitutes a fertile soil in which cancerous proliferation may eventually arise.
21 Selassie Malai te machines Limited is amongst the hotshots Chester and seeking common development, the fertile soil.
22 The southern Duars has moderately fertile soil, heavy savannah grass, dense, mixed jungle, and freshwater springs.
23 Xiaogan, with fertile soil and numerous lakes, is a crucial production base of grain, cotton and oil.
24 The Gilded age is like fertile soil to American modern newspapering, at the same time, the development of newspapering promote greatly the advancement of the industrial society.
25 Qiaodan Sports has developed based on the fertile soil of China's flourishing sports career, and the expansion of the Qiaodan Sports will also promote the progress of China's sports career.
26 The first anarchist currents developed throughout the 18th century as William Godwin espoused philosophical anarchism in England, morally delegitimising the state, Max Stirner's thinking paved the way to individualism and Pierre-Joseph Proudhon's theory of mutualism found fertile soil in France.
27 Ludwig von Döderlein proposed the stem of the verb θάω, stem θη- (tháō, thē-, "to suck") to denote Athens as having fertile soil.
28 Ammonium salts are found distributed through fertile soil and in seawater.
29 Whole food was defined as "mature produce of field, orchard, or garden without subtraction, addition, or alteration grown from seed without chemical dressing, in fertile soil manured solely with animal and vegetable wastes, and composts therefrom, and ground, raw rock and without chemical manures, sprays, or insecticides," having intent to connect suppliers and the growing public demand for such food.
30 Arthashastra mentions nitre called yavakshatra (Barley salt, indicates production from Barley ash) and "salt extracted from fertile soil".