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1 Vinification: After 12-days of maceration, the must is decanted in stainless steel tanks, in which it takes place the malolactic fermentation.
2 Today soy sauce is made by two methods: the traditional brewing method, or fermentation, and the non-brewed method, or chemical-hydrolyzation.
3 Because the glucose in refined form such as crystalline form or as syrup form is more expensive, glucose in fermentation medium is mostly produced by direct enzymatic conversion of starch.
4 Taking L-threonine Producing strain TRFC as bacterial strains, the effect of the growth factors and culture conditions on the L-threonine fermentation under high glucose concentration was studied.
5 use lots of electricity—for chilling the juice during the fermentation process, as well as for crushing grapes and bottling wine.
6 This bacteria not only gives a sour flavour to matured kimchi but also prevents excessive fermentation by restraining growth of other bacteria.
7 Fermentation processing is also widely applied in the production of microbial cultures, enzymes, flavours, fragrances, food additives and a range of other high value-added products.
8 Yohei dropped fermentation altogether and began serving sashimi-raw fish-with balls of vinegar rice.
9 the moment, the microbes which make biofuels almost all do so through fermentation.
10 Animalcule fermentation engineering is the foundation of bioengineering as well as modern biology technology and bioengineering industrialization.
11 Bacteria in our gut gobble up things like sugars and fatty acids, which they can break down either through respiration or fermentation. Respiration provides a bigger energy kick.
12 A7 Grasp theory of modern biotechnology such as gene engineering, cell engineering, enzyme engineering, fermentation engineering, and bioinformatics etc.
13 Botany, Animal, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Molecular biology, cell biology, Genetics, Bioinformatics, genetic engineering, Enzyme engineering, fermentation engineering, cell engineering, etc.
14 Its fermentation process yields a surprising by-product - plentiful supplies of brewer's yeast.
15 Normally, Hackett ends the primary fermentation process by "crashing the tank" -lowering the temperature to shock the yeast into dormancy.
16 hot water will break down the starch in the grain, turning it into a sugary substance called wort, which is then diluted, boiled, and transferred to a fermentation tank.
17 effect of morelberry fermentation on the quality of vermicelli was studied in this paper.
18 Kimchi has antibiotic functions as lactic acid bacteria produced in the process of fermentation suppresses growth of harmful bacteria.
19 Don't put the fermentation container close to potting plants.
20 Fermentation is often one step in a sequence of food processing operations, which may include cleaning, size reduction, soaking, and cooking.
21 For tea and ripe tea of points, born tea natural fermentation, ripe tea artificially ripened.
22 The study was conducted by using in vitro gas production technique to investigate the fermentation characteristics of a compound neutral detergent fiber (NDF) and soybean meal.
23 Both starch and cellulose consist of sugar molecules, linked together in different ways, and sugar is what fermentation feeds on.
24 Salt is included in the dough because it regulates the rate of fermentation, toughens the gluten, and prevents the bread from being insipid in taste.
25 Our signature thick-crusted bread! Its elegant gingerbread flavour comes from the blend of white and rye flour, a special levain, and a long fermentation process.
26 With cornmeal as raw materials, a kind of flavorful sour corn noodles was produced through a series of processes of grinding, fermentation, shaping and boiling.
27 Improving animals' diets to reduce enteric fermentation and consequent methane emissions, and setting up biogas plant initiatives to recycle manure.
28 This is also a type of alcohol that can be made by fermenting sugar (though the fermentation is done by a species of bacterium rather than by yeast), and it has some advantages over ethanol.
29 Clotted soybean milk was produced by fermentation from soybean and fresh milk as the raw materials, the technology for which was studied.
30 Intestinal gas is typically caused by the fermentation of undigested food, such as plant fiber, in the colon.