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feminists in a sentence

121. Other feminists have criticized these views as being anti-men.

122. Mitchell helped introduce English-speaking feminists to Lacan.

123. Feminists also took issue with this choice for the same reason.

124. Pizzey has said that the threats were from militant feminists.

125. Many radical feminists have expressed anti-trans viewpoints;

126. liberals and progressives, modernists and Islamic feminists.

127. According to Le Dœuff feminists make a special contribution.

128. She has served on the Board of Veteran Feminists of America.

129. I sympathize with feminists, but they must not merely shout.

130. Feminists and suffragists recognised its transformative power.

131. Specifically, many vegetarian women identified as feminists.

132. In 1981 Feminists for Animal Rights was founded in California;

133. He is criticized by modern-day feminists for his "rigidity".

134. She founded the Irish chapter of Feminists for Life in 1992.

135. She was forced to go underground with the Spanish feminists.

136. The house was to be managed by Feminists for Life of America.

137. and feminists Nawab Faizunnesa and Roquia Sakhawat Hussain.

138. Begum Rokeya was one of the world's first Muslim feminists.

139. However, not all suffragists considered themselves feminists;

140. The majority of feminists stayed with Desraismes and Richer.

141. One large myth about lesbians is that they are all feminists.

142. hence feminists consider the novel to be a first of its kind.

143. She was listed among the 8 Most Influential African Feminists.

144. Fourth-wave Spanish feminists reject the concept of surrogacy.

145. She is also the host of the Feminists Don't Wear Pink podcast.

146. She raised money for feminists including Grace Hall Hemingway.

147. This brought them into contact with radical lesbian feminists.

148. This brought them into contact with radical lesbian feminists.

149. They don't want to be called "feminists" or "women's libbers.

150. Where would militant feminists get ahold of a softball bat?