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1 women in the West who, like Gilbert, have harvested what the early feminists fought for have almost no affinity for women like Nujood — and like me when I was a little girl.
2 But who CARES what the feminists say anyhow?
3 Some feminists [who?] assert that the emergence of PMS as a disorder occurred during a time when women's roles in society were changing.
4 The magazine infuriated feminists and conservatives, but others praised it for breaking taboos.
5 It has also been suggested that the public debate over PMS and PMDD was impacted by organizations who had a stake in the outcome including feminists, the APA, physicians and scientists.[27]
6 Instead of making generalizations about young feminists, we invite USA TODAY to get the real story on young women creating powerful and, yes, feminist change in our communities.
7 Many feminists claim that homophobia and ignorance are at the heart of people's refusal to label themselves as feminists, even though they agree with the tenets of feminism.
8 For the past half-century, feminists, their opponents and armies of academics have debated the differences between men and women.
9 On Saturday, historian Dominic Sandbrook described how in the Seventies feminists helped to reverse the traditional concepts of gender.
10 Some feminists find her piety annoying. “That woman, ” they sigh.
11 The argument was powerful and full of merit, but deployed by lesser minds it quickly devolved into an excuse for media-hungry would-be feminists to share their adventures in the mall or in bed.
12 Women are told we must love our oppressors, while, as feminists, we fight to end the power afforded them as abirthright.
13 For decades, such feminists as Germaine Greer have advocated reclaiming the C word, in a take-back-the-night kind of way.
14 Feminists are wrong to claim that men should do a larger share of the housework and childcare because on average, men and women already do the same number of hours of productive work," Hakim said.
15 There are women the world over who seem to have lost a sense of their own femininity and the truly crazy thing is that these are women who often refer to themselves as' feminists'.
16 Feminists who want women to throw away their femininity are overlooking a powerful asset, Ms Hakim argues.
17 Although feminists may bristle at this demonstration that language perspectives retain a built-in social bias, it's not all bad.
18 Not surprisingly, it is feminists and women who have led the charge against Hollywood's support of Polanski.
19 A paper about the style of writer Virginia Woolf could point to her influence on other writers or on later feminists.
20 That may not please some feminists, but it could be the price women have paid for outliving their menfolk.
21 It undergoes a series of process from descriptive science to standard science, from the level of sociology to the level of epistemology, showing the feminist's desire of pursuing ideal science.
22 Feminists such as Chan Sin Yee and Li Chengyang compare care ethics and Confucian-style empathy, particularity, and the family as a school of moral education.
23 The academic feminists think their nerdy bookworm husbands are the ideal model of human manhood.
24 I could deny the desires altogether, I could fight them, like most radical feminists would argue I should - and in fact I have.
25 Feminists and traditionalists should be able to agree, for instance, that the structures of American society don't make enough allowances for the particular challenges of motherhood.
26 Not a lot of Dutch women like to be called feminists.
27 Some feminists claim to be outraged that Mr McCain has promoted somebody just because she is a woman.
28 Feminists continue to bash Barbie, claiming that her beauty and curves treat women as objects.
29 I just realized that this is all about how 'feminists' have reacted to me, and not' radical feminists' in particular.
30 clinical trials and the work of feminists, viewing PMS in a social context had begun to take place.