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1 the places where you would expect feminist indignation to be thriving — the elite liberal colleges of the Northeast — TIME found in numerous interviews that it isn't.
2 Thus the radical feminist held that women through history had been oppressed and dehumanized, mainly because man chose to exploit his wife and the mother of his children.
3 They also remind viewers that America's internal war with its own racism has been intertwined with feminist struggles ever since the days of Harriet Beecher Stowe.
4 of feminist modeling to me, then, is to help open up modeling to those with less privilege by working only with photographers who shoot a diverse sampling of people.
5 Boldly conceived and magnificently written, Burying the Bones should repair Buck's literary fortunes and restore her to the pantheon of feminist heroines.
6 We should wear our bikinis with pride and count our blessings. The beach is a feminist issue too.
7 Feminism has experienced the development of womens rights - women - women in three stages, feminist art in tandem with the development of feminism has experienced three periods.
8 is my contention - based on a lifetime of academic research - that there is an explanation and I advance it all too aware of the howls of feminist outrage I am about to unleash.
9 That obvious gulf helps explain why Hefner passed from a phenomenon to a sideshow, while a more feminist vision of liberation became the official ideology of the liberal upper class.
10 Their wives—Suzanne Mubarak in particular—were keen to hop on the feminist bandwagon.
11 But all the achievements of the feminist era may have delivered women to greater unhappiness.
12 Voters reject the term and the category of being a "feminist," with only 20% of women willing to use that word about themselves.
13 In that sense, her status as Argentina's first elected woman president is not quite the feminist victory it appears.
14 Only 20% of women are willing to use the word "feminist" about themselves.
15 She also proves that you can be a career woman without needing to subscribe to any fixed feminist ideology.
16 new methods now being brought back into seminary education, like feminist analysis, or literary criticism, or liberation theology, or African American approaches, or Latino approaches.
17 If a hardline anti-grooming feminist such as me has an aversion to excess hair, how many women are really going to embrace it?
18 Feminist texts are suddenly full of references to tribes of monkeys, with their aggressive males and nurturing females.
19 The Ms. party was one of many in a hectic season of feminist nightlife in Manhattan.
20 Some publications claimed that boys were falling behind girls in school success and that feminist ideology was partly to blame for lack of attention on the issue.
21 In fact, most women in Sweden find it easy to meld femininity with feminist ideals.
22 Free thinking, free spirited, free moving Isadora Duncan brought her Bohemian feminist consciousness to the dance stage and changed the art of dance forever.
23 you consider yourself a feminist?
24 I'm a feminist, yes!
25 Left Hand of Darkness perfectly encapsulates the feminist arguments of Ursula Le Guin's masterpiece.
26 Instead of making generalizations about young feminists, we invite USA TODAY to get the real story on young women creating powerful and, yes, feminist change in our communities.
27 My boyfriend's extended family called to make sure he was dumping me – although my mother told me she was proud of my CNN interview and forwarded it to all her feminist friends.
28 feminist will see evidence of a revolution interrupted, in which rising expectations are bumping against glass ceilings, breeding entirely justified resentments.
29 Advertisement: Story continues below the tale of an innocent woman cruelly wronged loses none of its grip in these post - feminist times.
30 high priestess lived from 2285 to 2250 BCE and many contemporary feminist scholars continuously hold her up as an icon of women's empowerment.