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No. sentence
1 She exposes the puritanism and suffocating ideology of American feminism, which is stuck in an adolescent whining mode.
2 The tenth lie of feminism is that women would enjoy the feminization of men.
3 time when American society was racing through change like a reckless teenager, feminism had sputtered and stalled.
4 The paper analyzes Shakespeares tragedy King Lear from the perspective of feminism, exposing the strong male consciousness of the play.
5 Russian men are confident that feminism causes collapse of the system like it has happened in the US and Europe.
6 Feminism has experienced the development of womens rights - women - women in three stages, feminist art in tandem with the development of feminism has experienced three periods.
7 you wondered what life would be like if feminism had never happened?
8 I have to submit my report on feminism. I have to ferret out my original research.
9 We claim to believe what God says about marriage and family, yet our speech patterns are just as likely to reflect feminism, humanism, and hedonistic values.
10 Many feminists claim that homophobia and ignorance are at the heart of people's refusal to label themselves as feminists, even though they agree with the tenets of feminism.
11 Feminism is not just about women.
12 Through her enormous impact on young women around the world, Madonna is the future of feminism.
13 Feminism is about equality for all people, reframing our ideologies about gender, race, class and all the intersecting aspects of our lives.
14 But I find myself asking as I read these two books: What can current Western feminism offer the Nujoods?
15 Take a look at academic and non-academic feminist groups all over the country and the feminist zines being sold and then tell me that young people don't care about feminism.
16 Feminism will likely change more in the future and have a larger international presence, although its reach and impact will vary greatly in different cultures.
17 feminism declared that not only can women do what men do, but we ought to do what men do.
18 How interesting that the same edition of USA today included two articles with conflicting views of the continued importance of feminism in today's society.
19 One talks mainly about tech, business and journalism, and the other talks mostly about novels, feminism, fashion, hiking and food.
20 The definitions of Feminism, Feminist, and Feminist Theory now are not a monolithic term.
21 They are also right that old-fashioned feminism took too little account of women’s role in raising children.
22 The whole business is also inspiring plenty of speculation about the end of feminism.
23 Many may harrumph at such a Darwinian interpretation of feminism, and say that it is a circuitous route to a traditional destination.
24 Those include women of Mrs Clinton's generation, and her assertive brand of feminism, who felt that her race meant their time had come.
25 Feminism has affected many changes in Western society, including women's suffrage, broad employment for women at more equitable wages and access to university education.
26 When college students enter the "real world," they will no doubt realize that the need for feminism (regardless of what it's called) is very much alive.
27 wasn't like this when I was a kid, and I was born back when feminism was still a mere twinkle in our mothers' eyes.
28 What is feminism?
29 Women would be well advised to ignore the siren voices of the new feminism and listen to Ms Dong instead.
30 is a kind of womans consciousness that feminism is criticized to take care of the literary works, have value standards of women and aesthetic literary criticism that pursue.