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No. sentence
1 In The Grapes of Wrath you feel (correctly I believe) that Steinbeck was a core participant.
2 I simply take flower cultivation as a pleasure in my life. I feel delighted as long as my flowers bloom regardless of the size and preciousness of the blossoms.
3 However you praise the film, I just feel it so-so.
4 So I feel at home," he says.
5 I don't expect the market to feel jubilant because of this,' said Jigar Shah, head of research in Mumbai for securities firm Kim Eng Securities.
6 Fix your diet: There are substances you consume every day in your diet that will have a direct reflection upon how you feel the next morning.
7 We may decide to eat more healthily, to get more exercise, not to bite our nails, to spend more time with our families, or really anything and everything that we feel we don't do, or don't do enough.
8 Even this list isn't necessary, but I only suggest it here for those who don't feel safe without it.
9 I do feel bad for those of you who have enjoyed this blog and Isincerely apologize, but I need to do this for me and my dreams.
10 Younger women agree but more of them (43%) feel that men and women have different strengths and weaknesses in what they can do well.
11 You feel more positive about them, you trust them more, and you have a better sense of their strengths and weaknesses, so you're better able to work and collaborate with them in the future.
12 Maybe you prefer sponges to forks, but do you really feel so strongly about it that you need to join sponges RULE - forks DONT!?
13 I feel no sorry for it at all.
14 I feel puzzled at his reply.
15 People began to feel alarmed about the cholera.
16 I feel much depressed.
17 I feel it necessary to make a correction.
18 She can feel the child quickening at times.
19 How do you feel around them?
20 Do you feel something?
21 should I do if I feel sick?
22 But she knows not how they feel and she knows not what it means.
23 Tell me if you feel anything.
24 They have to feel you as an equal as well.
25 When our children feel we believe in them, they grow to believe in themselves.
26 But I feel too far away.
27 So what does it feel like after an accomplishment like that?
28 Now, there are many –and yes, I speak to those of you who feel the shadow of doubt in your heart. Do not doubt yourself.
29 Do you feel good with the person?
30 When I think of how they feel, I cry for their suffering.