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favoured in a sentence

31. Alexander VII favoured the Jesuits.

32. and she favoured a French alliance.

33. The Catholic Church was favoured.

34. He favoured his second son instead.

35. Sonck favoured the former approach.

36. He also favoured long instruments.

37. The former was their favoured spot.

38. wet heathland sites are favoured.

39. It also favoured industrialisation.

40. James seems to have favoured him;

41. Napier favoured Light as Governor;

42. Brooke favoured removable blocks.

43. He and Sammy Mellor were favoured;

44. Close-quarter combat is favoured.

45. John Calvin favoured creationism.

46. Circumstances favoured the Mughals.

47. He favoured a reverse of the image.

48. His favoured position is centre.

49. His favoured technique was tempera.

50. The flags favoured the Dublin team.

51. His favoured position is left back.

52. His favoured position is fly-half.

53. His favoured position is out-half.

54. His favoured position is hooker.

55. She favoured a Gray Nichols bat.

56. Beloff favoured mind-body dualism.

57. Students from Bosnia are favoured.

58. The Jews became a favoured target.

59. 41% favoured a parliamentary vote.

60. It has also always favoured NAFTA.