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No. sentence
1 The other greenwash favoured by coal-burners is to hold out the prospect that emissions will soon be cleaned up and buried under ground using carbon capture and storage.
2 In the Reagan era, well-connected Republicans received favoured treatment in this organization.
3 But these daughters grow more slowly than the favoured daughters of unequal divisions, because their resources have to be divided between maintenance and reproduction.
4 Her favourite is a pair of leopard-print, peep-toe heels from Australian designer Leona Edmiston, but the brand favoured by more than any other of those surveyed was Manolo Blahnik.
5 But why did maize become the favoured food and the revered grain of the Americas?
6 protests have been peaceful. But, amid threats of civil disobedience and nationwide strikes, Jordan looks less secure as one of the West's favoured buffer states in the region.
7 More than 80% of those polled in France favoured spending cuts, while only 8% supported tax increases.
8 The standard account tells us that the new science broke the stranglehold that the church and a few of its favoured pagan thinkers (chiefly Aristotle) had exerted for centuries on Western thought.
9 His favoured metaphors, appropriately for the chilly day, referred to "icy currents", "this winter of our hardship" and of the need to take "unpleasant decisions".
10 PARADISE for HSBC, the world's third-biggest bank by market value, can be found at Juhu Beach, a suburb in north Mumbai favoured by Bollywood stars.
11 Professor Scott agrees that favoured children can sometimes find life difficult when they have to rub along in the real world.
12 Some of Mr Cameron's advisers say that the coalition allows them to jettison policies favoured by their party's right-wing fringe.
13 They headed for a wooded glade favoured by barbecuing Muscovites, and began clearing leaves and rubbish.
14 They live in surroundings which, historically, have favoured innovation, have proved resilient in the face of shocks and between which it is comparatively simple to move when things get too bad.
15 fortunes for candidates favoured by the conservative tea-party movement. Marco Rubio was elected to the Senate in Florida, as was Rand Paul in Kentucky.
16 Earlier this year, the black-majority school board fired Roy Brooks, the district's black superintendent, because it said he favoured wealthy whites who wanted more schools in their neighbourhoods.
17 Klimt was the first President of the Secession and led the way sartorially too; he favoured long, voluminous indigo smocks with embroidered white epaulets.
18 favoured country for Japan; while Greece prefers the Mediterranean islands of Malta and Cyprus; Liberia's flag flies on many German vessels.
19 Over a third of Britons favoured higher taxes, the highest such share for any country surveyed.
20 She favoured a work-table with built-in drawers, in order “to save many steps”.
21 On the right wing, Ji-sung Park picked up promisingly from where he left off last season before switching sides to allow new signing Antonio Valencia to make his debut on his favoured side.
22 Assimilation as an official policy died, although it is still favoured by some academics, including Tom Flanagan of the University of Calgary, who has close ties to the current prime minister.
23 Mr Obama's speech and sensible proposals, which are similar to those drafted by Mr Baucus, and his openness to the trigger option favoured by Ms Snowe, can only boost efforts at compromise.
24 sixteen islets of the Hawar archipelago used to be a favoured base for pearl-fishing.
25 Has long been touted as one of the favoured successors and is admired by many at Old Trafford.
26 college students, who were once considered as "God's favoured ones", some become suspects of thefts at present, which causes the whole society to feel pitiful.
27 said he also favoured a "code of conduct" for food export bans so as to ensure humanitarian food aid programmes are not affected.
28 The toxin, favoured by some celebrities as a wrinkle remover, relaxes jaw muscles and may reduce grinding.
29 During the campaign, for example, he said he favoured civil unions but refused to endorse gay marriage.
30 pattern favoured by the gas industry (12 hours on, 12 hours off, for two weeks, followed by a fortnight's break) encourages the use of stimulants, including methamphetamine.