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No. sentence
1 A teacher should not favour any of his pupils.
2 If you want a special favour, you have to go through the director.
3 As I said, a betting man would not favour the chances of a rapid breakthrough after the Washington summit.
4 As if I had besought them as a favour to bother my life out.
5 He argued in favour of capital punishment.
6 He often pamphleteers and lectures in favour of free trade.
7 He has abandoned suits in favour of linen jackets and khaki trousers and no tie.
8 two most overused phrases will be "core business" and "risk management" as people shun the fancy in favour of the familiar.
9 An original tracklisting for the album placed this first, but it was rejected in favour of placing it right at the centre.
10 the proportions seem to be shifting sharply in favour of the older cohorts, especially those aged 55 to 65.
11 If anything, regulation is likely to favour them because their raw material is, either directly or indirectly, carbon dioxide that has come from the atmosphere or would end up there.
12 Though it is swapping raw materials for imports, at least prices favour Africa at the moment.
13 The judge decided the case in favour of the defendant.
14 He urgently begged a favour of me.
15 Do me a favour, while you're about it, buy me a copy too.
16 favour, please raise your hands.
17 He believed firms should seek not simply to position themselves well within their existing markets but to capitalise on their advantages to redefine markets in their favour.
18 But she would do her country and Europe a favour if she were to speak out more.
19 But she would do her country a favour if she were to speak out more.
20 But both No Dirty Gold and the campaign against blood diamonds have one important thing in their favour.
21 This is not good news for those hoping for a ruling in favour of gay marriage when the issue comes before the Supreme Court.
22 Discontent came both from countries, such as Bolivia, that are opposed to the accord and all its works as well as from some of those, such as America, that are broadly in favour.
23 All of which argues in favour of the bazooka option, nationalisation, as the only one that is fair to the taxpayer.
24 Personal housing loan business by its earnings, reliable guarantee high risk, etc, to control the favour of banking industry.
25 The balance of pricing power has shifted in the miners' favour due to the emergence of China as a voracious consumer over the past 10 years.
26 Chinese consumers favour chicken wings and feet, parts of the bird that are usually shunned in the us, which means they can fetch prices 20 times higher in the Chinese market.
27 But only one House Republican was willing to vote in favour, and none at all in the Senate.
28 we certainly do not favour any initiative that reduces competition from generic products.
29 some precincts in Iowa, where voters heard short speeches in favour of each candidate before they voted, no one could be found to make the case for him.
30 Finally, with so much working in our favour, we can see what is holding us back.