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fated in a sentence

1. His intentions, however, are ill-fated.

2. But the project was ill-fated.

3. That proved an ill-fated decision.

4. Shimmin's voyage was ill-fated.

5. Gwen's death was simply fated to happen.

6. 01. The Fated Encounter During Wartime.

7. In 2006, Lee starred in the film Fated.

8. The Grassgrubs were ill-fated.

9. And then there was the ill-fated Gen.

10. However, it was fated to be short-lived.

11. King's ill-fated flight.

12. Prior seemed fated to win the commission.

13. In history, nothing is fated.

14. He was fated never to see Zanzibar again.

15. The mission is ill-fated.

16. inequality is fated;

17. Fated may refer to:

18. Suen is an ill-fated CID.

19. the ill-fated lovers Marco and Emily;

20. Ill-Fated Toreador, 1935-1939.

21. It was pretty ill-fated."

22. It was pretty ill-fated."

23. The ill-fated lovers are united in death.

24. Fated to Love You may refer to:

25. 7 Undeniably Fated.

26. The class was ill-fated.

27. Both were ill-fated.

28. D) were similarly ill-fated;

29. There was also an ill-fated venture.

30. Export fetishism seems fated to endure.