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fast-flowing streams in a sentence

1. Giant danios are found in fast-flowing streams, usually in hilly areas.

2. Spoonhead sculpins are found in fast flowing streams or in deep lakes.

3. It is not generally seen in fast flowing streams or rivers.

4. They are found near fast-flowing streams where the larvae live.

5. The cold, fast-flowing streams of the mountains are its habitat.

6. most species are able to cling to rocks in fast-flowing streams.

7. Red-bellied newts lay their eggs in fast-flowing streams or rocky rivers.

8. These fish are found in fast-flowing streams in Southeast Asia.

9. The tadpoles develop in fast-flowing streams.

10. Breeding takes place in the slow backwaters of fast-flowing streams.

11. They tend to live in fast-flowing streams in rock piles, and are nocturnal.

12. Tadpoles live in fast-flowing streams.

13. It is closely associated with very fast-flowing streams and waterfalls.

14. It is found on rocks within fast-flowing streams in montane forests.

15. Its natural habitats are fast-flowing streams in temperate Nothofagus forest.

16. It occurs in fast-flowing streams in temperate Nothofagus forest.

17. It lives among rocks and logs at small fast-flowing streams.

18. Its species are typically from fast-flowing streams and some are anadromous.

19. The Melanotaenia pygmaea is recorded to be found in fast flowing streams.

20. It inhabits fast-flowing streams of Thailand and Myanmar (Burma).

21. It inhabits fast-flowing streams in mountainous terrain.

22. It is found in fast flowing streams and rivers as well as reservoirs.

23. T. chatareus are usually not found in fast-flowing streams.

24. Presumably, breeding takes place in fast-flowing streams.

25. It lives in fast-flowing streams and grows to 8.8 cm (3.5 in) TL.

26. It lives in moderate to fast-flowing streams where it also breeds.

27. It is found in fast flowing streams in southeastern Europe.

28. It inhabits rapids and fast-flowing streams with gravelly bottoms.

29. It is found in the Karkeh River drainage in clear, fast flowing streams.

30. Species inhabit fast-flowing streams found in primary or secondary forests.