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fascists in a sentence

1. He said it declared us fascists."

2. as well as fascists on the far-right.

3. He selected the Fascists.

4. Some months later, Bilbao fell to the fascists.

5. Islamist fascists is very disturbing.

6. I think they're fascists.

7. He later joined the British Fascists.

8. They're a bunch of fascists."

9. Italian Fascists desecrated the synagogue in 1942.

10. Gertler joined the British Union of Fascists.

11. , "Beasts! Fascists! Shame!" , "This is our city!"

12. This has been ascribed to fascists.

13. They called the Estonians Fascists.

14. We remain just plain fascists".

15. Some Fascists were vegetarians;

16. ergo [...] [s]ome Fascists were gay;

17. This Comp Kills Fascists Vol.

18. cult of the leader (on the model of the fascists);

19. He was also a member of the British Fascists.

20. He later joined the British Fascists.

21. Such as the so-called Fascists.

22. the fascists created the most disorder.

23. Camille suffers xenophobic abuse from fascists.

24. He was stabbed by a group of young fascists.

25. They are fascists!

26. When slogans such as "fascists, out!"

27. . Thus bawled the fascists.

28. Fascists lead a long pursuit after the submarine.

29. The fascists led him to the mine pit to execute.

30. Of those, 12,000 were Fascists and Partisans.