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No. sentence
1 They understand the data far better than we do, so a little bit of effective collaboration with them can dramatically reduce overall development costs.
2 Now we raised a ship far away on the horizon.
3 How far should we expect the drunk to be?
4 Ubiquitous devices, including smart phones, display far more than a few seconds, but they can't be rolled up like a newspaper.
5 The blonde carefully considered the entire flock and finally picked one that was by far cuter and more playful then the others.
6 Sure enough, there was a flock of misty jaybirds high in a misty sycamore tree, far above the ground.
7 This number had dropped to nine during the year so far.
8 In his design the beam cantilevers out too far for balance.
9 What has happened to the youth of this generation, which has set it so far apart from the rest?
10 Lapan says the planning is focused mainly on naval and air forces, and that so far no orders have been received to launch any type of military mission in or around Libya.
11 Q: you consider the meningitis a project one of the highlights of your career so far.
12 What highlights and pitfalls did you experience at the beginning of your professional career (as far as you can remember)?
13 Such criticism so far doesnt seem to have affected her husbands career.
14 Not surprisingly, groups of birds that nest in the canopy of trees declined significantly, while species that nest in cavities or near the ground were affected far less.
15 Surviving on the scant rain that falls on the high desert, the surrounding natural scrubland USES far less water. The scrubland, shown in the upper left corner of the image, is tan and pale blue.
16 Chris was a true hero in his dedication and commitment to bringing the important news and the stories of those less fortunate to us all - from far off places.
17 So far, we have focused on how developers can save time and money by using static analysis, but what about your customers?
18 However, the information captured so far provides only a static view of the system context, represented through the users, roles, channels, and external systems.
19 knowing more about subjects that we'd have to deal with if elected, al understood Congress and the Washington culture far better than I did.
20 Moreover, Al would provide balance in a far more important way: He knew things I didn’t.
21 The practice caught on elsewhere, helping the farmers of the basin to get through the recent long drought using far less water than before yet with no reduction in output.
22 He thinks the next big meeting, in cancun, Mexico, a year after the Copenhagen summit, is now dead as far as setting targets to cut greenhouse gases - aka mitigation - are concerned.
23 Just under a fifth dont redeem their points indicating that members are either not engaged with the programme or that redemptions are far to difficult to transact.
24 But I feel too far away.
25 And yet the mood of this exhausted country is far from jubilant.
26 Zaher happens to be a prince, the grandson of the late Afghan monarch Zaher Shah, and he has far more clout around Kabul than the ordinary bureaucrat.
27 And investors in Shanghai have pushed up shares 24% so far this year, compared to a flat market in Mumbai.
28 But Britain's auctions have become so large that they entail far more risk for primary dealers, the Banks that purchase government securities at auction and then sell them on.
29 It reduces subtle ideas to bullet points, while it encourages you to pad out a presentation with irrelevant data because cutting and pasting is far too easy.
30 But how far can such technology go?