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1 Without or without mediation, the DE facto division of Libya into an autonomous eastern safe haven and embittered West could be acquiring a more concrete form.
2 Both parties were not disinterested, " he said."My sense is that a de facto decision was made by both partiesto adopt this mercantile paradigm."
3 But the bees are not as happy as they sound, which is why Mr Wardell, who has a PhD in entomology and is a DE facto bee doctor, is here.
4 We add the year and month to the namespace as this is the DE facto standard for versioning of namespaces.
5 If we use the rise in labor costs as the DE facto inflation index - instead of the CPI - to compute the real effective exchange rate, the yuan has appreciated 50 percent already since 2005.
6 permanent director of board is the founder of private limited-liability company and its DE facto general director. He is entitled to command and superintend the other directors of board.
7 Thousands of Libyans also celebrated in the streets of Benghazi, the rebels' DE facto capital in the east.
8 SIX weeks after the opposition rose up against the Qaddafi regime, a DE facto rebel government is taking shape.
9 It is hard to imagine what might push its bond yields down other than concerted buying by the ECB, a DE facto bail-out.
10 five months a DE facto government set up by Honduras's congress defied outside pressure to reinstate the President, Manuel Zelaya, after he was bundled out of the country.
11 notorious collective farms had been de facto converted to state farms.
12 They denounce the Enough Project, a group backed by several Hollywood stars, that was instrumental in imposing what they call a DE facto embargo.
13 In this case the central bank - by increasing excess reserves - would DE facto monetize commercial bank liabilities and thus increase the outstanding stock of money.
14 By opposing my amendment", he told the ATR, "you are defending wasteful spending and a DE facto tax increase on every American."
15 But so far Mr Abdul Jalil and his DE facto prime minister, Mahmoud Jibril, seem level-headed and sincere in their insistence that they want to help build a pluralistic and democratic state.
16 Some market participants now regard it as DE facto inflation-targeting.
17 Luis Urzua, a 54-year-old shift foreman, has emerged as the DE facto leader of the miners ...
18 Ashton emerged surprised and beaming, clutching a bouquet of yellow flowers, to declare she would pursue a strategy of "quiet diplomacy" as Europe's first de facto foreign minister.
19 This is the DE facto standard library for embedding SWFs.
20 Researchers from Northwestern University have now mapped the country's de facto communities. And they did it in an ingenious way, using data from the Where's George project.
21 Composite applications are becoming the DE facto programming model in the industry both in it and consumer oriented applications.
22 Parallel Virtual Machines (PVM) were once a popular parallel programming platform for this, but lately MPI has become the DE facto standard for writing parallel programs for clusters.
23 He is expected to act as a DE facto prime minister-if the President lets him.
24 Finally, point out that XML has become the DE facto standard for exchanging information between computers and computer applications.
25 A DE facto standard description language in this domain is WSDL, which was created to provide an abstraction layer around a service's interface and implementation.
26 However, it DE facto started around the time of the Kobe disaster.
27 Reflections from the background can reproduce as black dead zones. To prevent them, build a de facto light tent around your subject by completely surrounding it with lights, diffusers, and reflectors.
28 The USITT standard, while the DE facto industry standard, was not formally recognized by the international standards community.
29 Patterns are hot; in fact, they have become the de facto approach to constructing software and communicating designs.
30 Yet he also played his part in the building of state capitalism in Russia, and in its DE facto return to a one-party system.