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No. sentence
1 Factions began to erupt all over the town.
2 After all, it is haggled over for years by competing factions.
3 The different factions within the opposition coalition cannot agree on their demands.
4 There are several notorious factions of drug gangs in Rio, the oldest and largest of which is Red Command.
5 It introduces the Babylon5 space station as the attempted negotiating station between dueling alien factions.
6 agreement between the Palestinian factions calls for the formation of an interim government followed by presidential and legislative elections within a year.
7 To be fair, the rebels said all along that they were not ready for a peace conference without conditions; some were bounced into it, while leaders of the bigger factions stayed away.
8 Each week they drag young, bloodied men away from the drug traffickers and into their churches, and mediate informal truces between warring factions.
9 There will be at least 10 playable factions in the game, but we're currently engaged in a free and frank exchange of views about the candidates for inclusion on that list.
10 At that meeting various factions of the various churches then operating in England had agreed on most of their differences.
11 The teacher’s biggest challenge is to keep this group of kids from splitting up into two opposing factions: one proschool and prolearning, the other antischool and antilearning.
12 Factions within Aryan increasingly sought to use crystal energy to quell the adversaries.
13 Instead, it could be the end result of a battle between two competing factions of Wikipedia editors.
14 Now that they were so much in the spotlight, and in the money, they fell into bickering, demoralized, warring factions.
15 And Yemen's Ali Abdullah Saleh, famously adept at "dancing on the heads of snakes", might go on juggling factions and tribes for a long while yet.
16 Probable contenders are Taro Aso, the foreign minister, and Sadakazu Tanigaki, a former finance minister, both leaders of small factions.
17 When he says to himself, this is the work of my countrymen, who, when convulsed by factions, afflicted by a variety of miseries and wants, restless and impatient, took refuge here.
18 As we hope to show, the conflict in existence between the National-Socialist "Right" and the "Left" in Germany is the kind of conflict that will always arise between rival socialist factions.
19 How to control for conflict between factions.
20 plan has wide support among Arab states and was welcomed by a number of key factions in Lebanon.
21 many reformists locked out of the electoral process, the contests were primarily between different factions in the conservative camp.
22 This short novel is the story of a war between two factions that stand in for different segments of Japanese society.
23 The Iraqi capital is a key electoral prize for competing factions, as it commands about one-fifth of the 325 seats in parliament.
24 The job of reconciling tribal factions in post-Qaddafi Libya is likely to be contested with equal vigour.
25 Elected governments bow to the demands of selfish factions and interest groups.
26 But the latest unity talks between Fatah and Hamas, the rival factions, have broken down.
27 A Nobel peace-prize winner, he sees himself as the only person in Timor-Leste able to build Bridges between different factions in the traumatised society.
28 The Egyptian government, which is overseeing the negotiations, is pushing to get the rival factions to resolve their differences.
29 But squabbling between its factions is intensifying in the run-up to the local elections.
30 Within a decade, using bribery, dead men's votes, intimidation and any other weapon that came to hand, the Irish factions gained control of Boston.