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1 The director also said the hijackers claimed to belong to a faction of the Sudan Liberation Movement rebel group headed by Abdul Wahid al-Nur, who currently lives in Paris.
2 The new ruler might—so the plan goes—reach out to one faction of the MDC and form a national unity government.
3 For Aristotle the point and purpose of political science is to mediate the causes of faction to help causes of faction that lead to revolution and civil war.
4 fatal rupture need not happen if the DPJ, under Mr Kan, puts its faith not in its own discredited faction bosses, but in the opinion of ordinary voters.
5 Germany no longer allowed to pull Turkey into their faction after they have capitulated. No fun allowed.
6 interior minister, a more senior job, is Hans-Peter Friedrich, head of the CSU faction in the Bundestag.
7 Establishing a Control field increases the Mind Unit score for your faction based upon the human population density encompassed by the field.
8 It is likely to leave the NLD in a commanding position in the next parliament, opposed only by the military faction, he says.
9 And Tendai Biti, secretary-general of the Morgan Tsvangirai faction of the M.D.C., says the voter rolls have been heavily padded, creating rich opportunities for rigging the poll.
10 But they have attracted broader interest among Gazans opposed to Hamas, not least Mr Abbas's Fatah faction, which once ruled the strip but has been hamstrung by Hamas.
11 They attacked a stronghold of a clan aligned with the rival Fatah faction, and gunmen there returned fire.
12 chief executive, Jesús Reyes Heroles, a former PRI minister, has been replaced by Juan José Suárez Coppel, who has a private-sector background but also has ties to a different PRI faction.
13 Nobutaka Machimura, the leader of the biggest faction, who had served for a month as Mr Abe's foreign minister, becomes Mr Fukuda's chief cabinet secretary and in effect government gatekeeper.
14 Deng and his faction of the Party were threatened by, and saw partial marketization as a safe alternative to, this response.
15 Some will deplore this new sign that America’s dysfunctional polity is being crushed in the vice of faction.
16 French diplomats have confirmed that he is indeed in the hands of a mutinous faction of the army after soldiers stormed the Presidential offices where cabinet meeting was underway.
17 French diplomats have confirmed that he is indeed in the hands of a mutinous faction of the army after soldiers stormed the presidential offices, where a cabinet meeting was underway.
18 In South Africa a breakaway faction of the ruling African National Congress, facing its first test at the polls, won many seats in by-elections for local councils across the country.
19 Some comrades often manifest a sectarian bias in their work, turning the Party into a small circle or faction and forfeiting the Party's leading role.
20 Faction of theory of modern economy cycle is bristly, viewpoint each different.
21 He is a head of a feudal faction, which makes him cruel and incorrigible, and a financial bigwig, which backs up his character.
22 She is the patron-deity of the Elves (Sylvan faction).
23 Red Faction: Guerrilla, "Death by Committee" is a late-game mission where you discover that a group of businessmen who've been working with the enemy are having a secret meeting.
24 Hello, foreign friend My name am Li Hua. Was going to graduate, thedaily study and the schoolwork brought the very tremendous pressure tous. Therefore invites you to come the faction meeting together!
25 The ten seats his faction has in the 210-member Parliament could hold the balance of power between Mr Mugabe’s lot and Mr Tsvangirai’s.
26 Other reports said the soldier and three Afghan soldiers had been captured by the Taliban's Haqqani faction, which is believed to control large areas of eastern Afghanistan.
27 Note: The Necromancers (Necropolis faction) have chosen Asha as their patron-deity. However, their vision of her powers and attributes is twisted, a perversion of her death-dealing nature.
28 Even after he resigned as prime minister, Tanaka was head of the LDP's largest faction and was the country's yami shogun (shadow shogun).
29 Lasting peace depends on a durable settlement in the east, now under the sway of a breakaway faction of the Tigers that joined the government side and won elections.
30 In South Africa a breakaway faction of theruling African National Congress, facing its first testat the polls, won many seats in by-electionsfor local councils across the country.