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No. sentence
1 If something of critical importance does call your attention away, send the facilitator an im so they know your attention is elsewhere, why it is, and let them know when the distraction is gone.
2 As a facilitator, it's important to dig deeper and check assumptions and inferences by asking for specific examples that support the claims being made.
3 Crowley told reporters that Obama served merely as a facilitator.
4 Start the meeting by choosing a facilitator, a recorder, and a timekeeper.
5 In fact, I can no longer sit through a meeting that has no stated purpose, agenda or reasonably neutral facilitator.
6 Corporate it will gradually move from being the exclusive provider of enterprise systems to an enabler and facilitator of solutions built by self-reliant employees.
7 During the mapping process, the facilitator helps the stakeholders walk through each of the features and map it to one or more requirements which the feature might satisfy.
8 The facilitator should recommend which techniques to use and provide the necessary guidance on how to do so.
9 The facilitator can be from either inside or outside the team, as long as he or she is a knowledgeable person whose professional skills are known and respected.
10 Upon prompting by the facilitator, participants call out features, and function, and connections.
11 If not, the facilitator keeps asking for Suggestions to resolve the concerns, until everyone finds the proposal acceptable or stands aside.
12 This is usually conducted as an open discussion among the participants on the project, led by an independent facilitator.
13 More and more I find myself acting as facilitator to harvest and model information from large groups of people.
14 A well-trained facilitator is the key to a well-run study circle.
15 It is important that the facilitator discuss techniques in the context of the current project; otherwise, the discussions will be too abstract.
16 My biggest problem as a facilitator was transitioning from the share pair back to full group.
17 's helpful to designate the role of exception process facilitator in your guide, but this item can also be handled by any other role that you feel is appropriate.
18 Before jumping directly into the requirements review, there are some standard meeting rules that the facilitator must administer.
19 It's more like a facilitator of transformation," he said.
20 A facilitator helps the group arrange the notes into clusters with similar characteristics.
21 An anonymous actor such as an initiator or facilitator may also result in the addition of classes.
22 Like any productive meeting, a retrospective needs a clear agenda and a facilitator to keep the meeting running smoothly.
23 finally, an actor is called a facilitator when it performs an action on behalf of another actor in a system.
24 Finally, the facilitator reviews the agenda with the team and starts the first topic.
25 XML plays an important role as a data facilitator across myriad systems.
26 Before a JAD session, we.d provide an agenda, from which the facilitator would direct the meeting.
27 My job has always been as a provider, an instigator and a facilitator of knowledge, who simply pulls out these students' natural and ever amazing untapped knowledge and talent for speaking English.
28 I've done appraisals across a table, on a sofa, even over a meal. I've had them a deux and a trois - with a facilitator in tow.
29 Daniel sez, "Global Health resource is a facilitator of medical travel. Presently we are helping Mohammed Issaka of Ghana who only has half a face to receive plastic surgery in India."
30 The national sample collection procedure was developed and approved by AOAC INTERNATIONAL, which is a worldwide provider and facilitator in the development of analytical standards.