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exuded in a sentence

61. Meanwhile, they have been observed to ingest fluid exuded from the maternal cloaca.

62. Other waste materials that are exuded by some plants — resin, saps, latex, etc.

63. Onstage, she exuded a glamorous sophistication and confidence that captivated her fans.

64. Many of the former were used on Liverpool-Manchester expresses and they exuded luxury.

65. The sensual direction originated from the aura Jackson exuded to Austin while recording.

66. The exuded confidence and as always their scrum proved very strong and dangerous.

67. The edible gum exuded from the trunk can be used as chewing gum or to make a glue.

68. When a fresh leaf is rubbed or broken, an aromatic scent is exuded, evoking a forest odor.

69. "He merely exuded the sweet love of Jesus and a firm confidence in his faith," notes Knight.

70. The first was to substitute substances exuded by Egyptian mummies for the natural product.

71. Despite her reputation for absent-mindedness, Reynolds exuded confidence and self-respect.

72. Each spinning field is covered by as many as 100 spinning tubes through which silk is exuded.

73. These are natural polymers exuded as waste products mostly by phytoplankton and bacteria.

74. The flesh is white and tastes hot, but is coloured by the copious amounts of milk exuded.

75. This track exuded a pulsing R&B beat which certifies it as a more urban sounding song.

76. The latex exuded from injured tissue is indigo blue, and stains the wounded tissue greenish;

77. McNamara at this point, as he had with Kennedy, exuded a sense of logical control;

78. Floor plans were open and flowing with public façades that exuded mystery and privacy.

79. Since inception, the collection exuded Haus' signature forward and feminine aesthetic.

80. English works, such as Beijing Pigeon Whistles written in 1999, exuded this passion.

81. Describing an event Jordan held, the Cedar Rapids Gazette reported "it exuded class.

82. O. marina can sense and respond to certain chemicals that are exuded by algal prey.

83. It has also been observed sucking on blood droplets exuded by mosquitoes on elephants.

84. A natural gum known as gum karaya is exuded by the tree when the bark is damaged.

85. ... Vocally, Grande exuded more power and passion than ever, especially on the ballads".

86. Writer Martin C. Strong felt the tracks were styled after New Order and exuded a cold feel.

87. The subject matter itself exuded a cinematic quality not seen in her previous works.

88. He settled on a blend of 10 grain types that together exuded a plum-like sweetness.

89. Our life was in upheaval and transition and she exuded steadfastness, hard work and quiet.

90. When I spoke to Jen before the Oscars, we decided to create a look that exuded modern glamour.