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exuded in a sentence

1. see garlic breath) and skin, where it is exuded through skin pores.

2. Potemkin "exuded both menace and welcome";

3. The resin is exuded from its wounded trunk or branches.

4. These cracks exuded a fishy odor.

5. The rather lightweight cymbals exuded a dark, overtone-rich sound.

6. And I felt like she always exuded that."

7. from springs on its hillside exuded the water that filled the lake.

8. It was meant to deliver the elegance that she exuded.

9. He also exuded physical confidence and had extraordinary talent."

10. He exuded a peculiar sort of French machismo;

11. The warmth and generosity she exuded will never be forgotten."

12. Excess photosynthate, or DOC is then released, or exuded.

13. They are exuded from flasklike mycelial branches.

14. The joie de vivre she exuded was contagious.

15. He really exuded an intelligence that was pretty special.

16. The fruits contained seeds that exuded a sticky gel when rubbed.

17. It is usually exuded after tissue injury.

18. Xinya has never exuded such courage and resilience.

19. Harding was a leader who exuded confidence.

20. exuded authority, but caused fear.

21. he exuded strength and leadership."

22. In May 1852, Lucy Rutledge Cooke exuded zest.

23. He could form durable, adhesive webs which exuded a powerful acid.

24. Most seemed cheerful and outgoing, and exuded good health.

25. Most seemed cheerful and outgoing, and exuded good health.

26. El Kutumbi was said to have exuded great power and wealth.

27. roast Peking duck exuded a delicious aroma.

28. chest exuded a smell of camphor.

29. In speeches to parliament, Mr Berlusconi exuded resolution.

30. Resins: Viscous, sticky organic substances exuded from trees.