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No. sentence
1 gradually slowing down and factors such as disruptions in the earth's core, extreme weather, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes can all influence the precise length of the astronomical day.
2 One extreme heat wave or drought, of course, is not definitive proof of climate change.
3 At one extreme, we believe people should have the tools to 'broadcast' information across the Web and make it available to everyone.
4 They were blacklisted because of their extreme right-wing views.
5 I fully understand that this is an extreme way to reduce clutter in your life, and it is certainly not for everyone.
6 Psychologists define narcissism as an 'inflated, grandiose self-image,' and it has persevered through the centuries as a personality trait and, in extreme cases, a psychological disorder.
7 Profits should have been under extreme pressure for the past few decades.
8 In the extreme, firms can support vulnerable suppliers by helping them raise cash or by investing in them.
9 To ensure fault tolerance and high availability, WebSphere eXtreme Scale shard distribution algorithms ensure that the primary and replica shards are never in the same container.
10 But financial history is littered with bubbles and crashes, demonstrating that extreme events or so-called "fat tails" occur far more often than the bell curve predicts.
11 Before the explosion, the companion star may have dumped gas onto VFTS 102, spinning it up to extreme speed the way falling water makes a water wheel turn.
12 The Calabrian Peninsula appears shortened and distorted due to the extreme sideways viewing Angle from the ISS.
13 result in extreme cases is large goiters that swell their necks, or other obvious impairments such as dwarfism or cretinism.
14 like it was with Lu Xun. Although he was against the extreme filial duty emphasized by tradition, in real life he was a filial person.
15 worship someone (or something) is to venerate him, her, or it – not necessarily as you would revere a deity, but at least with extreme devotion, love, or admiration.
16 One outstanding characteristic of these firms is their extreme ambition with regard to global market leadership.
17 At the other extreme, a thin client downloads only a small parcel of data with a minimal set of UI.
18 The other extreme is declaring bankruptcy.
19 Already, climate variability has jeopardized food security in many countries and is posing an imminent threat on others in the form of extreme weather events.
20 But many of the most fascinating archaeans do manage to survive in extreme environments.
21 Comments and expectations about China, especially in the developed world, swung from one extreme end to the other, back and forth.
22 Readers can view extreme close-ups of items including ladies' tights, the surface of the human tongue and the beautiful scales on butterfly wings.
23 Silica aerogel is made by drying a hydrogel composed of colloidal silica in an extreme environment.
24 problem appeared to be people's reluctance or inability to travel to see their GP in the extreme weather conditions.
25 In their model simulations, they artificially removed all Arctic sea ice at the beginning of June for selected years and examined if the ice would recover from such extreme event.
26 That which is not of the light is in extreme pain and will surface to be cleared and re-qualified back into pure Light and Divine Love.
27 insect species including beetles and katydids actively bleed when attacked, but the benefits of taking such extreme measures were not clear.
28 They include confiscating the passports of those brought in from a foreign country or the threat of extreme violence.
29 Some of the more extreme contacts give you "cat eyes" or how about "owl eyes"?
30 By contrast, the most extreme ritual a Christian is likely to engage in is being dunked during baptism.