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external gills in a sentence

1. Frogs, toads and salamanders all hatch from the egg as larvae with external gills.

2. In most cases, these are external gills, visible as tufts on either side of the head.

3. Most other species have external gills, often associated with the parapodia.

4. Four gill slits lined with gill rakers are hidden underneath the external gills.

5. They have small dark spots and are born with external gills.

6. The larvae have external gills, and live in seepage areas until they metamorphose.

7. The newly hatched young have branched external gills much like those of newts.

8. Just before the transition to land, the larvae resorb their external gills;

9. Most were aquatic and external gills are sometimes found preserved.

10. Larvae have conspicuous external gills, making them resemble salamander larvae.

11. They go through paedomorphosis and retain their external gills.

12. Lugworms also have hairs on the outside of their bodies that act as external gills.

13. The salamander has blood-red external gills for absorbing oxygen from the water.

14. As development continues, the external gills disappear.

15. Just before the transition to land, the larvae resorb their external gills;

16. The balancers eventually fall off and their external gills grow larger.

17. They are viviparous animals, giving birth to young that possess external gills.

18. It breathes through external gills.

19. The larvae have bushy external gills and usually paler color patterns than the adults.

20. They have long, thick external gills, almond eyes, and tall caudal fins.

21. Lesser sirens are notably neotenic, and possess external gills throughout their lives.

22. It is neotenic, with a slender body, short limbs, and bright-red external gills.

23. the external gills regress at around the same time.

24. Dwarf sirens possess external gills throughout adulthood and lack hind legs.

25. the larvae have external gills and are entirely carnivorous.

26. They have a distinctive high tail fin and external gills.

27. Small external gills adapted for small stream living can be found on their larvae.

28. Aquatic larvae have true teeth on both upper and lower jaws, and external gills.

29. Like most dvinosaurs, it had external gills.

30. It has a greenish grey, eel-like body, large external gills, and two small front legs.