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1 ear canal also named middle ear splays out at the external position.
2 Bathed in xenon spotlights, the white spaceship, attached to its twin solid rocket boosters and orange external fuel tank, crept 3.4 miles on the back of an enormous tractor called the Crawler.
3 Each persona represents a role in the organization and is portrayed either by me, one of the course assistants, or an external person.
4 However, the information captured so far provides only a static view of the system context, represented through the users, roles, channels, and external systems.
5 Identify the factors, both internal and external, that shift the stress of your group dynamic.
6 Higher prices for food and oil, as well as other "external shocks" - such as volatile capital flows from the uncertainties in the Middle East - are undermining economic confidence in Asia Pacific.
7 If social, technological and external factors can make supposedly discredited predictions come true, what technology might be next in line for a revival?
8 But favourable external factors played only a minor part in the revival of emerging economies.
9 can now monitor, manage, and migrate functionality and services within an ecosystem that is either within your company or external to your enterprise.
10 If humidity not within the set point, turn on external ventilation.
11 There are lots of systems that follow this pattern, where you write some modules / components in source code then describe how they are connected using an external config file.
12 Many people fail in life not because of external forces that are beyond their control, but because of the decisions and views they hold about themselves and the world around them.
13 After installing GRUB in the MBR of the external drive, I was able to boot it directly when connected via USB.
14 External critics have frequently argued that this cannot be substantiated by firm evidence and say the world has already passed its peak in oil production.
15 When the car wreck plowed into each other, - there was internal friction — - no external friction — and that took out kinetic energy.
16 many organisms, such as insects, thrive without a map of their external world or even memory; might it be better to try to emulate them?
17 These mechanisms provide an effective framework for managing overcommitted memory, but they all share an important limitation: they must be configured and tuned by an external entity.
18 But Full Tilt also objects to the use of external poker analysis software, a standard approach by online players.
19 I suggest it should be an activity whose value lies in the activity itself and not in achieving an external goal.
20 external deficits of ex-bubble economies have shrunk since 2007, but not by enough-and some now seem to be rising again.
21 Enveloped signatures are performed over data within the same XML document as the signature, so a detached signature is over data that is external to the signature's element itself.
22 Objective To discuss the feasibility and curative effect of limited internal fixation combined with external fixation support to treat complex tibiofibular splintered fracture (CTSF).
23 This switch has no external impact.
24 As with any vulnerability analysis, we start by identifying the components and their external communication paths.
25 As with any vulnerability analysis, start by identifying the components and their external communication paths.
26 To complete the implementation requires wrapping of and connecting to external partner services and rules.
27 This provides protection from threats external to the enterprise, and limits access in case of an intrusion through the outer firewall (FW1).
28 However, with the trade deficit in the us and other countries shrinking, some economists fear China could yet face a wrenching adjustment in its external accounts.
29 We then conducted testing to see if external users who were not behind a firewall of some sort could view the clips.
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