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extensive remodeling in a sentence

1. An extensive remodeling project in the 1970s added central heating.

2. It underwent extensive remodeling in 1972.

3. The building was closed for 2009-2010 for extensive remodeling.

4. It underwent extensive remodeling in 1947, 1958, 1973, and 1984.

5. Fort Collins reopened after extensive remodeling.

6. The project included extensive remodeling of the gyms and locker rooms.

7. Extensive remodeling of both buildings was completed in 2012.

8. Shock Wave was temporarily closed again in early 2008 for an extensive remodeling.

9. Extensive remodeling and restoration has taken place over the years.

10. 1993: Extensive remodeling of the zoo school was completed.

11. Since 2008, the mall underwent an extensive remodeling and modernization.

12. The mall underwent extensive remodeling in 1992.

13. Extensive remodeling was also done at this time to the existing structure.

14. In 2011, the courthouse underwent extensive remodeling.

15. The Ramona High school stadium underwent extensive remodeling and was re-opened in 2010.

16. The detached kitchen was torn down when the home underwent extensive remodeling in 1845.

17. Ever-tightening building and fire codes forced other, more extensive remodeling.

18. It was damaged by fire in 1857, which required extensive remodeling.

19. Telemark Hospitality LLC then began an extensive remodeling project during 2011.

20. The dining room, on the other hand, saw extensive remodeling in 1895.

21. They decided to do extensive remodeling instead.

22. however, extensive remodeling has taken place since the building's construction.

23. The church underwent extensive remodeling and renovations from 1828 until 1837.

24. An extensive remodeling was undertaken by Robert Buckner Bolling in the 1840s.

25. In anticipation of re-opening in 1952, the Rotunda underwent extensive remodeling.

26. The Matthew Jones House underwent extensive remodeling in 1893.

27. The most extensive remodeling after 1918 came in 1941.

28. Extensive remodeling and updating was done at that time.

29. It now has an Italianate style after extensive remodeling.

30. Another extensive remodeling of the church occurred in the late 1940s or early 1950s.